10 Facts about Clemson University

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One of the education institutions in America is explained on Facts about Clemson University. The location of this university is in Clemson, South Carolina. There are six colleges to find in the university. Those are Education, Health and Human Development, Engineering and Science, Business and Behavioral Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Architecture, Agriculture and Forestry and Life Sciences. Clemson University was established in 1889. Get other facts about this university below:

Facts about Clemson University 1: the total enrollment

During the fall semester as of 2015, there were 18,016 undergraduate students of Clemson University. The graduate students were 4,682. Find facts about Cambridge University here.

Facts about Clemson University 2: the tuition fee

The out of state tuition and fees in Clemson University is $32,800. The in state tuition and fee is around $13,882.

Clemson University America

Clemson University America

Facts about Clemson University 3: who founded Clemson University?

Clemson University was established by Thomas Green Clemson. In 1838, he arrived at the foothills of South Carolina. On 6 April 1888, Clemson passed away and his estate that he earned from his wife, Anna Maria Calhoun was used to form a college. Get facts about Clark Atlanta University here.

Facts about Clemson University 4: the purpose of the college

Even though there are six colleges in Clemson University, at first it was used to teach the south Carolinians about the mechanical arts and scientific agriculture.

Clemson University

Clemson University

Facts about Clemson University 5: a selective university

Clemson University is considered as a selective university because in 2006, it only accepted 45 percent of the students who applied in the university.

Facts about Clemson University 6: Clemson University in 1995

There were only four schools offered by Clemson University. Then it was changed into nine colleges in 1995. Then it was changed into five colleges.

Clemson University Facts

Clemson University Facts

Facts about Clemson University 7: College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities

There are three schools offered in Clemson University. Those are the School of the Humanities, the School of the Arts, ad School of Design and Building.

Facts about Clemson University 8: the newest college

The newest college in Clemson University is Eugene T. Moore School of Education. It is the sixth college.

Facts about Clemson University

Facts about Clemson University

Facts about Clemson University 9: the Tigers

The Tigers is the name of the team in Clemson University. There are various sports for men and women. The women can do rowing, basketball, tennis, soccer, etc.

Facts about Clemson University 10: the student’s newspaper

There are two types of newspaper run by the students in the university. Both are The Tiger and Tiger Town Observer.

Clemson University Stadium

Clemson University Stadium

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