10 Facts about Cleo Mussi

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Not all of us know Facts about Cleo Mussi. Actually, she is quite famous due to her unique works. She enjoys her life as an artist. She may use everything around her as the part of her works. Let’s read some facts about her, though.

Facts about Cleo Mussi 1: Her A-Z Handbook

Her famous exhibition began with her A-Z Handbook. It was in 2008 when she created amazing works that made people amazed. She included lots of aspects including grace, humor, and other emotions to her works. Both her intellect and heart is connected.

Facts about Cleo Mussi 2: Her First Passion

She found her passion once she was graduated in the 80s. She learned many things from the Goldsmiths London Textiles department. At the first time, she enjoyed making ceramics and later she chose mosaic as her primary works.

Cleo Mussi Art Style

Cleo Mussi Art Style

Facts about Cleo Mussi 3: The Talents

Cleo Mussi is quite talented. Her strength is to combine the cultural and historical references coming from her materials. Later she will create a great work from them. Aside from her talents, she’s charming in person.

Facts about Cleo Mussi 4: The People’s Opinion

Many people consider her as childlike. Perhaps it’s due to her imagery nature. However, she doesn’t think the same way. She only thinks that she’s spontaneous instead of being childlike.

Cleo Mussi Vases

Cleo Mussi Vases

Facts about Cleo Mussi 5: Her Exhibitions

Cleo Mussi displays her mosaic in single-style exhibitions. Her works are often paired with other arts including poetry. She also asked her friend to write something for her work. Paul Patterson was the man she chose.

Facts about Cleo Mussi 6: The Words

In her A-Z Handbook, she includes the Latin letters and each alphabet represents a meaning. She focuses on the words’ power either to entertain or encourage people.

Facts about Cleo Mussi

Facts about Cleo Mussi

Facts about Cleo Mussi 7: The Poetry

It’s known that she contemplates her major mosaics with poetry written by others including Paul. The purpose was to combine the powerful visual references with the art itself. Find facts about Cindy Sherman here.

Facts about Cleo Mussi 8: The ‘W’ Letter

In her mosaic, the W represents Waste Not. She wants to give a massage for leaving ungrateful and unnecessary lifestyle. The meaning is deeper than that actually.

Cleo Mussi Art

Cleo Mussi Art

Facts about Cleo Mussi 9: The Dark Science

Cleo Mussi uses the contemporary agricultural icons to talk about unethical science, especially the genetic engineering. Her famous work is robotic bunnies.

Facts about Cleo Mussi 10: The Use of China

She often gathers many materials around her for making mosaics. Broker china and other used items are valuable for her. She can change them into something beautiful. Get facts about Clarice Cliff here.

Cleo Mussi Artwork

Cleo Mussi Artwork

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