10 Facts about Cleveland Ohio

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If you want to know one of the cities in Ohio, you have to read Facts about Cleveland Ohio. Cleveland has the highest number of population in the state. In 1796, Cleveland was established near Cuyahoga River. Because it is located near the lake shore, it developed into a manufacturing center. Now the city has various economic sectors. It lies on the financial service, manufacturing, biomedical and healthcare. Here are some interesting facts about Cleveland to note:

Facts about Cleveland Ohio 1: the population of the city proper

The city proper was inhabited by 390,113 people based on the estimated census in 2013. In United States, it was placed in the 48th largest city. In Ohio, Cleveland served as the second largest city. The first one was taken by Columbus.

Facts about Cleveland Ohio 2: the nicknames of Cleveland

Cleveland has various nicknames. People often call it the Rock and Roll Capital of the World, The Forest City, C-Town, Sixth City and Metropolis of the Western Reserve. Check facts about Cincinnati here.

Cleveland Ohio Facts

Cleveland Ohio Facts

Facts about Cleveland Ohio 3: the architecture

If you want to know the diverse architecture, you need to come to the downtown Cleveland. You can find out the example of neoclassical architecture by seeing the public, civil and government buildings.

Facts about Cleveland Ohio 4: The Terminal Tower

The Terminal Tower is one of the important historical buildings in Cleveland. Until 1964, it was considered as the tallest building outside New York City in North America. Get facts about Chicago here.

Cleveland Ohio Pic

Cleveland Ohio Pic

Facts about Cleveland Ohio 5: skyscrapers

You can also spot skyscrapers in Cleveland. 200 Public Square has the postmodern design with Art deco architecture. Key Tower is the current tallest building in the state.

Facts about Cleveland Ohio 6: The Arcade

Another important building to note when you are in Cleveland is the Arcade. Some people often call it as the Old Arcade.

Cleveland Ohio Picture

Cleveland Ohio Picture

Facts about Cleveland Ohio 7: ecclesiastical architecture

If you want to know the examples for ecclesiastical architecture, you can check St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Tremont and Old Stone Church in downtown Cleveland.

Facts about Cleveland Ohio 8: the climate

There are four seasons in Cleveland. It has the continental climate. The people enjoy the snowy and cold winter. The summer season can be warm and hot.



Facts about Cleveland Ohio 9: corporate headquarters

There are various corporate headquarters located in Cleveland. Those are Sherwin-Williams Company, Cliffs Natural Resources, Applied Industrial Technologies, and NACCO Industries.

Facts about Cleveland Ohio 10: haute cuisine

When you are in Cleveland, don’t forget to taste the haute cuisine. Michael Ruhlman and Michael Symon are some important figures in the cuisine world.

Facts about Cleveland Ohio

Facts about Cleveland Ohio

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