10 Facts about Cliff McNish

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Facts about Cliff McNish present the information about a famous author. As an author, Cliff McNish is recognized as a talented and imaginative person. He was able to cover all scope of readers. He had both fame and excellent works. These facts will make us know him better.

Facts about Cliff McNish 1: His Early Life

Cliff was born in England. His father was a marine engineer of Sunderland. Later, his parents moved south. McNish spent most of his time in his hometown before he entered a university.

Facts about Cliff McNish 2: The Initial Writing Career

He loved writing and he started his career in 1998. In 2003, he became a full-time author. Due to his involvement in writing, he had many ideas and turned them into some novels. He even had his own workshops.

Cliff McNish Book

Cliff McNish Book

Facts about Cliff McNish 3: The Doomspell Novels

His most famous works were ‘The Doomspell Novels’. These had been published in many languages all over the world. The readers mostly came from Japan and Great Britain. He got the inspiration from CS Lewis.

Facts about Cliff McNish 4: The Silver Sequence

Once his Doomspell Trilogy was published, he worked on his ‘The Silver Sequence’. The books were primarily written for teen readers.


Cliff McNish Facts

Cliff McNish Facts

Facts about Cliff McNish 5: His Mystery Novel

He wrote a stand-alone novel entitled Breathe. It was his first mystery and a single novel. This work was popular regardless to readers’ age and country.

Facts about Cliff McNish 6: The Teen Fantasy Novel

He also published a fantasy novel entitled Angel in 2008. The story of the novel was nice. Angel represents of teen’s bullying and angst. The novel also represents how people should behave in the world.

Cliff McNish Pic

Cliff McNish Pic

Facts about Cliff McNish 7: His Teen Horror Novel

His next mystery novel was Savannah Grey. Actually, it was a pure horror novel written for teen readers. He included some eerie creatures in this novel. The novel was voted for the Carnegie Award. It was in 2011. Get facts about Chris Priestley here.

Facts about Cliff McNish 8: The Hunting Ground

His ‘The Hunting Ground’ was the winner of Calderdale Award in 2013. This was a mystery novel and it’s written for older teen readers.

Facts about Cliff McNish

Facts about Cliff McNish

Facts about Cliff McNish 9: His Comedy Novel

He published a novel in 2014 entitled ‘Going Home’. The novel was written mainly for middle-graded people. In this novel, Cliff included a slight comedy. Find facts about Christopher Paolini here.

Facts about Cliff McNish 10:  The Film Scripts

Aside from novels, he also wrote 2 film scripts for his ‘Breathe’ and ‘The Lure’. Both of them were quite successful, in fact.

Cliff McNish

Cliff McNish

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