10 Facts about Cliff Richard

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Facts about Cliff Richard talk about a pop icon worldwide. Perhaps his name is closely related to Christmas. His name is also recognized due to his involvement to Celebrity Big Brother festive. These are some facts we should know about him.

Facts about Cliff Richard 1: The Early Life

He was born in Lucknow. He had a child name, Harry Rodger Webb. He was the son of Rogdge Webb and Dorothy Dazely. His father managed a catering contracted that serviced many clients including the Indian Railways.

Facts about Cliff Richard 2: His First Shot

Cliff Richard was interested in music and he firstly took his chance with The Drifters. It was a rock n roll group actually. However, the name changed to The Shadows due to the similarity to American band that had the identical name.

Cliff Richard Facts

Cliff Richard Facts

Facts about Cliff Richard 3: The Commitment

Even though many musicians were addicted to drugs during that time, he only believed in his talents. He didn’t need either drugs or sex to boost his musical career.

Facts about Cliff Richard 4: The Wasteful Opportunity

He was once asked to take a photograph with Elvis Presley. Yet, he threw away that opportunity just because he thought he was too fat. He didn’t want people to see a great Elvis standing side by side with a fat man.

Cliff Richard Image

Cliff Richard Image

Facts about Cliff Richard 5: The Title

Cliff Richard got his title in 1995. In fact, he was the 1st rock star to be given with such honor. He was knighted on October 25. This means he used ‘Sir’ in front of his name since that moment.

Facts about Cliff Richard 6: His “Singing in the Rain”

There was a tennis tournament of Wimbledon in 1996. Cliff performed in front of watchers by singing his famous song ‘singing in the rain’.

Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard

Facts about Cliff Richard 7: The Love Life

He didn’t have a quite good love life. He was rarely seen hanging around with a woman. However, he was linked with women named Jackie Irving and Sue Barker. The first one was a dancer while the second one was a tennis star. Find facts about Chris Brown here.

Facts about Cliff Richard 8: The Avenue of the Stars

His name was paved at the Avenue of the Stars. In fact, his name was one of the earliest ones to be included in Covent Garden.

Facts about Cliff Richard

Facts about Cliff Richard

Facts about Cliff Richard 9: His Achievements

He had some famous singles during his life. The best ones were ‘Saviour’s Day’ and ‘Mistletoe and Wine’. People considered them as impressive. Find facts about Claude Debussy here.

Facts about Cliff Richard 10: His Worst Work

He also had the worst single entitled ‘The Millennium Prayer’. This one was always in the last chart as compared to others.

Cliff Richard Pictures

Cliff Richard Pictures

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