10 Facts about Climate

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The statistic of weather is explained on Facts about Climate. The statistics usually occurs for more than 30 years. You can assess the climate in a certain region by checking various aspects like the wind, atmospheric pressure, temperature, atmospheric particles, precipitation and humidity. If you think that climate and weather are the same, you are wrong. Weather describes the short term condition in a particular region, while climate describes the long term condition. Here are some interesting facts about climate to note:

Facts about Climate 1: the components of climate system

There are five components of climate system. Can you mention them? Those include cryosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere.

Facts about Climate 2: the important factors

There are several important factors which affect a climate in a certain region. They include the water bodies and their currents, altitude, terrain and latitude. Get facts about Antarctica’s Climate here.

Climate Facts

Climate Facts

Facts about Climate 3: the classification of climate

The people can classify climate based on different variables. In most cases, precipitation and temperature are used as the main factors to classify the climate.

Facts about Climate 4: Köppen climate classification

Have you ever heard about Köppen climate classification? Köppen climate classification is considered as the most common used classification in the world. Find facts about climate change here.

Climate Pic

Climate Pic

Facts about Climate 5: who developed Köppen climate classification?

Do you know the person who established Köppen climate classification? Wladimir Köppen developed the system. Therefore, this climate classification is called based on his name.

Facts about Climate 6: another system

Another system used by the people is Thornthwaite system. The people use this type of climate system when they want to know the climate changes and biological diversity. It combines the information about precipitation, temperature and evapotranspiration.

Climate Pictures

Climate Pictures

Facts about Climate 7: the air masses

The origin of the air masses is very important information when the people want to define the climate in a certain region using Bergeron and Spatial Synoptic Classification systems.

Facts about Climate 8: Paleoclimatology

If you are interested to study the ancient climate in the past, you have to check Paleoclimatology. Therefore, the people should notice on the biotic evidence and sediments to determine the climate in the ancient time.



Facts about Climate 9: Modern climate classification methods

There are two broad divisions for modern climate classification methods. You can use the empiric method and genetic method.

Facts about Climate 10: the rainforest

The high rainfall is considered as the most common characteristic in the rainforest. It has around 69 inches to 75 inches of annual rainfalls.

Facts about Climate

Facts about Climate

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