10 Facts about Climate Change

Friday, January 15th 2016. | Environment

Facts about Climate Change are explained in the following post. The changes can happen in a long period of time. It can be decades to millions of years. But this condition also applies on the short and extreme change of climate. There are several factors which cause climate changes. Those include volcanic eruption, plate tectonics, and solar radiation and biotic processes. Check the detail facts about climate change below:

Facts about Climate Change 1: the human activities

The significant cause of climate change is also associated with the human activities. There is no need to wonder that the negative impact of climate changes is often linked with global warming.

Facts about Climate Change 2: the past and future climate

The past and future climate can be studied by the scientists by using the theoretical model and observations. Find facts about climate change and global warming here.

Climate Change Image

Climate Change Image

Facts about Climate Change 3: geological evidence

The geological evidence that the scientists gather from the flora record, faunal records, deep accumulation of ice, stable isotope, and glacial process is very important to record the climate from time to time.

Facts about Climate Change 4: the ocean

The condition of the ocean affects the climate system. It is considered as a fundamental part.

Climate Change Picture

Climate Change Picture

Facts about Climate Change 5: climate and life

Climate is also affected by life. The mechanisms like cloud formation, carbon and water cycles, evapotranspiration, weathering and albedo will affect the climate. Find facts about air pollution here.

Facts about Climate Change 6: the orbit of earth

The climate will change too if there are variations of earth’s orbit. This condition can be seen on how to the sunlight reaches the surface of earth based on the orbit.

Climate Change Pic

Climate Change Pic

Facts about Climate Change 7: the global climate

The global climate in the world is mainly affected by the presence of solar intensity from the Sun. It is considered as the primary sources of energy for the people and organism living on earth.

Facts about Climate Change 8: the ultimate death of sun

The scientists estimate the sun will have its ultimate death over the next five billion years. The sun will become a red giant before it ends as a white dwarf. Then the life of earth will end.

Climate Change

Climate Change

Facts about Climate Change 9: the volcanic eruption

The volcanic eruption also affects the climate. The major volcanic eruptions released aerosols change the atmospheric temperature.

Facts about Climate Change 10: Mount Pinatubo

In 1991, Mount Pinatubo erupted. It affected the climate which made the global temperature reduced by 0.9 degree F.

Facts about Climate Change

Facts about Climate Change

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