10 Facts about Climate in Europe

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Let’s find Facts about Climate in Europe in the below post. Europe is divided in various areas based on their climate. The Mediterranean climate is perceived in far southern Europe. The temperate Oceanic Climate is perceived in far western Europe. The temperate climate zone is seen in most areas of Europe. Let’s find out other interesting facts about climate in Europe below:

Facts about Climate in Europe 1: Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream is considered as one of the important factors which keep the climate in Northwestern Europe like United Kingdom, Ireland, and coastal Norway mild during the winter season.

Facts about Climate in Europe 2: Western Europe and Eastern Europe

The Eastern Europe has the drier continental climate. On the other hand, the Western Europe has the oceanic climate. Find facts about British weather here.

Climate in Europe Facts

Climate in Europe Facts

Facts about Climate in Europe 3: the central European plains

The hybrid oceanic or continent climate is perceived in some parts of central European plains.

Facts about Climate in Europe 4: the four seasons

The areas in the Eastern Europe have the four seasons. The dry seasons and wet season are seen in southern Europe. During the summer seasons, it has the dry and hot weather. Check facts about biomass here.

Climate in Europe Image

Climate in Europe Image

Facts about Climate in Europe 5: tornadoes

The occurrence of tornado can be spotted in various parts of Europe. But most of them are the weak tornadoes.

Facts about Climate in Europe 6: Danube region

The continental climate is spotted in the Danube Region. The summer months are hotter, while the winter months are cold.

Climate in Europe Pic

Climate in Europe Pic

Facts about Climate in Europe 7: the harsh winter season

The winter season is very harsh in northern European Russia to the Ural Mountains. Sometimes, the temperature in the area is below the freezing temperature.

Facts about Climate in Europe 8: Western Europe

Due to the influence of Gulf Stream, the climate of Western Europe is milder if you compare it with other regions in Europe which sit in the similar latitude.

facts about Climate in Europe

facts about Climate in Europe

Facts about Climate in Europe 9: the nickname of Gulf Stream

It seems that people love to live in the areas located near the Gulf Stream for they can experience less severe climate. There is no need to wonder that Gulf Stream is called as the central heating of Europe.

Facts about Climate in Europe 10: acid rain

The areas in Europe affected a lot by the acid rain include Poland and Scandinavia.

Climate in Europe

Climate in Europe

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