10 Facts about Cliques

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Let’s find out the interesting  Facts about Cliques below. Cliques are common among modern society, but teenagers often get troubled with them. It’s quite normal to interact with cliques regardless of background. There are some interesting facts regarding this term.

Facts about Cliques 1: The Negative Connotation

Despite being a normal social phenomenon, a clique is more popular due to its negative connotation. People often consider it as a group that avoids others based on specific differences. The pressure among the member is quite high too.

Facts about Cliques 2: The Common Characteristics

A usual characteristic of a clique is a specific group of people in a particular area. The members have a strong connection to each other and they share contact and any other personal information.

Cliques Facts

Cliques Facts

Facts about Cliques 3: The Part of Adolescent Development

Joining a clique actually helps kids to develop and regulate a basic social interaction. Kids become more cautious of differences. Usually, they have been related to cliques around the age of 10 years old.

Facts about Cliques 4: The Identification Media

Kids start learning the adult life once they separate from their parents. They learn the identification with their group. This is where a clique holds an important role to shape their identity.

Cliques Image

Cliques Image

Facts about Cliques 5: The Middle School Cliques

Kids are hungry to be accepted during their middle school. They want to be acknowledged by the others. Thus, they do anything to achieve that. Joining a clique is a good idea for them. Find facts about child support here.

Facts about Cliques 6: The Structure

When it is about the structure, cliques are formed by students with the similar background and interests. The most aggressive students belong to the top positions. On the other hand, the weakest will be on the bottom.

Cliques Pic

Cliques Pic

Facts about Cliques 7: The Isolation

The term of isolation is quite common. The group will isolate anyone who doesn’t belong to a clique. As a result, this person will be depressed due to loneliness and isolation.

Facts about Cliques 8: The Positive Effects

Regardless of negative effects, cliques also have positive effects. Joining a group with the same interest may create bonds with the members. This will improve self-confidence and sense of acceptance. Find facts about child neglect here.



Facts about Cliques 9: The Negative Effects

The most troublesome effect is that people will judge others in a matter of minutes. They can easily hate someone, especially who doesn’t belong to the group.

Facts about Cliques 10: The Bigger View

Cliques exist all over the world and the almost all students will experience this social phenomenon.

Facts about Cliques

Facts about Cliques

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