10 Facts about Cliven Bundy

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Check Facts about Cliven Bundy in the below post. Cliven Bundy is recognized as a hard-headed person, especially if it is about the federal government. He has been fighting for his cattle due to the claim from the Land Management Bureau. It was without a permit, actually.

Facts about Cliven Bundy 1: The Long Fight

The root of the problem is the unpaid fees since 23 years ago. The federal judge had ordered Bundy to remove the cattle from the conflicted land. The fight was about a number of fees. The government said he owed them $1 million.

Facts about Cliven Bundy 2: The Ranch Ownership

Bundy’s ranch is only around 160 acres. It isn’t able to sustain all of his cattle. However, he fights hard that the ranch purely belongs to Nevada. He refuses to give the land to the federal government.

Cliven Bundy Facts

Cliven Bundy Facts

Facts about Cliven Bundy 3: His Ignorant

Bundy is a hard-headed man and he will always. He even said that he didn’t recognize the US or federal government.

Facts about Cliven Bundy 4: The Warning

The federal government attacks him from the other side as well. They said the ranch has been ignoring the task to protect endangered animals like desert tortoises. The BLM is asked to submit reports in a yearly basis. Yet, there wasn’t any report at all.

Cliven Bundy Image

Cliven Bundy Image

Facts about Cliven Bundy 5: Public Grazing

Bundy’s ranch is quite big for several livestocks grazing on it. The agency permits public grazing as the effort to ensure both land’s productivity and health.

Facts about Cliven Bundy 6: The Shares

The fact is that Cliven shares his ownership to the federal government. The government owns 47% of the entire land. Their ownership is highly concentrated in the western part of the land.

Cliven Bundy Pic

Cliven Bundy Pic

Facts about Cliven Bundy 7: The Conflicts

Due to Cliven’s hard fight, the other ranchers start making a move. They accused the President of using laws to attack states that didn’t have his back. Get facts about Clarence Darrow here.

Facts about Cliven Bundy 8: The Return of the Cattle

Bundy was able to get his cattle back. However, the situation wasn’t over yet. The Senate leader considered Cliven’s movement as the form of rebellion against the federal state.

Cliven Bundy

Cliven Bundy

Facts about Cliven Bundy 9: The Restrictions

There were some restrictions made by the FAA. They cited ‘hazards’ around the ranch. Bundy made it worse by taking and posting aerial photos of the agency’s worksite. Get facts about Clarence Thomas here.

Facts about Cliven Bundy 10: Looking for Donations

Bundy was able to gather more protesters for joining the cause. Later he created a PayPal account for donations. He was happy because he got many supports from people.

Facts about Cliven Bundy

Facts about Cliven Bundy

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