10 Facts about Cloning Animals

Sunday, January 17th 2016. | Science

Facts about Cloning Animals are something intricate. It has been an interesting topic to discuss. Actually, the FDA has given permission for selling food produced from cloned animals. However, the majority of American public doesn’t support cloning.

Facts about Cloning Animals 1: The Animal Suffering

Despite lots of efforts, most of the animal cloning attempts aren’t successful. This only makes the animals suffered and defected. Not to mention there will be many developed problems.

Facts about Cloning Animals 2: Many Health Problems

Cloning animals get more health problems when compared to natural reproduction. There will be many abnormalities, clone pregnancy interventions, and many more. Also, there will be a higher risk of pregnancy loss.

Cloning Animal

Cloning Animal

Facts about Cloning Animals 3: The Bad Acceptance

Most people are against animal cloning. More than 50% Americans don’t like the idea of cloning animal whatever the purpose is. They consider it as immoral and they won’t buy any food produced by such method.

Facts about Cloning Animals 4: The Human Plays a God

Animal cloning is opposed due to ethical implications. People consider it as not natural. It means that people start playing God. They consider it as a wrong method in many ways.

Cloning Animals Image

Cloning Animals Image

Facts about Cloning Animals 5: The Government

Despite the rejection from the people, the government remains unaffected. It seems they continue cloning animals for various purposes. Today, many governments worldwide are debating the importance of cloning animals.

Facts about Cloning Animals 6: Joyce Bernann McKinney

Joyce was a former of Miss Wyoming. She had her pet cloned and she became the center of attention among people all over the world. Perhaps it was a weird decision to have her dog cloned. Find facts about Chinese inventions here.

Cloning Animals Pic

Cloning Animals Pic

Facts about Cloning Animals 7: A Commercial Animal Cloning

People are able to clone their pet as long as they pay a big amount of money. The cost will be around $100,000. It can be more than that, in fact. The country that will do such task is South Korea.

Facts about Cloning Animals 8: The Sea Urchin

Hans Driesch had cloned the first animal in the 1880s. It was a sea urchin. Hans was a biologist and he used an embryo cell to perform such experiment.

Cloning Animals

Cloning Animals

Facts about Cloning Animals 9: Dolly the Sheep

There was a sheep cloned and her name was Dolly. In fact, it was the first successful mammal cloned from the cell of an adult. However, she only lived for 6 years.

Facts about Cloning Animals 10: The Original Name

Animal cloning or any other clones are recognized worldwide. The term itself was enacted in 1963 by Haldane. He was a biologist actually. Get facts about classification here.

Facts about Cloning Animals

Facts about Cloning Animals

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