10 Facts about Cloud Computing

Monday, January 18th 2016. | Technology

Facts about Cloud Computing are explained below. The term cloud computing is quite popular out there. Still, there various things we don’t even know about it. Commonly, we recognize is as a media to share resources in a safer and simpler way. Let’s learn more about it, though.

Facts about Cloud Computing 1: The Global Usage

Cloud computing is used globally by people all over the world. By now, there is approximately 35% data stored in the Cloud computing. This means the number is increasing over time as compared to years earlier.

Facts about Cloud Computing 2: The Fiscal Benefit

Many companies have adopted this technology. Based on data, they are able to saved money due to the use of cloud computing. Thus, they can earn more profits by cutting off unnecessary cost regarding data storage.

Cloud Computing Image

Cloud Computing Image

Facts about Cloud Computing 3: The Efficacy

More than 75% of the companies experienced significant improvements a few months after the use of cloud computing. This information is reported by some reliable sources.

Facts about Cloud Computing 4: The Opportunity for Small Businesses

Cloud computing is available for everyone including small companies. With this, they are able to compete with bigger companies. The reason is that they can eradicate obstacles associated with costly technologies and servers.

Cloud Computing Pic

Cloud Computing Pic

Facts about Cloud Computing 5: The Abundant Advantages

Cloud computing provides lots of benefits including reduced technology cost, environmental benefits, less downtime, flexibility, and security. In fact, there are many other advantages by using it.

Facts about Cloud Computing 6: The Old Idea

Actually, cloud computing isn’t news. John McCarthy was had visualize that concept since 1961. He even posted this idea on a particular website.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Facts about Cloud Computing 7: The Job Opportunities

Believe it or not, it provides jobs in a daily basis. We can find many new jobs generated by this technology. This means all people can take advantage of cloud computing regardless of occupation and background.

Facts about Cloud Computing 8: The Most Useful IT

Based on some sources, cloud computing becomes the top list of IT priority. This means the whole world has taken lots of advantages by using it. Find facts about blogs here.

Facts about Cloud Computing

Facts about Cloud Computing

Facts about Cloud Computing 9: It’s not a Cloud!

Even though there’s a word ‘cloud’ in it, cloud computing system doesn’t store data in storages in the shape of a cloud. The real meaning is to store data on the internet. It’s safer than storing the data locally. Get facts about Cell Phones here.

Facts about Cloud Computing 10: The Free of Upgrade

The users don’t even need to upgrade it regardless of the device they use. They don’t need to upgrade their hardware and software in order to use the system.

Cloud Computing Facts

Cloud Computing Facts

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