10 Facts about Clouds

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Get the information about an aerosol which contains frozen crystals or liquid droplets on Facts about Clouds. It usually has different kinds of chemicals and water. The location of clouds is above the surface of earth. When the air gets the water vapor and cools, the cloud is formed above earth. This saturation of air happens in homosphere. Check other interesting facts about clouds below:

Facts about Clouds 1: clouds in troposphere

The Latin names are used to call the types of clouds that you find in troposphere. The people call it with Latin names because of the nomenclature of Luke Howard.

Facts about Clouds 2: Luke Howard’s adaptation

In December 1802, the Latin names of the clouds were proposed based on the Luke Howard’s nomenclature.

Cloud Pic

Cloud Pic

Facts about Clouds 3: the importance of Luke Howard’s nomenclature

The Luke Howard’s nomenclature was very important because it was used as the modern international system basic. Moreover, there were several physical forms which could be classified from the tropospheric aerosols. Each physical form could be seen in the altitude level.

Facts about Clouds 4: clouds in other celestial objects

Actually the moons and other planets in the solar system have cloud. However, they have different substances. They contain sulfuric acid, ammonia, water and methane. Moreover, the clouds of other planets have distinctive temperature.

Cloud Types

Cloud Types

Facts about Clouds 5: the appearance of cloud

During the summer season, you can see the cloud clearly on the bright sky. It is puffy and white. It blocks the sun and floats in the sky. During the rainy season, the cloud usually is dark.

Facts about Clouds 6: the level of clouds

There are three levels of cloud based on their elevation. Those are the low, middle and high level clouds.



Facts about Clouds 7: the low level clouds

If the clouds are located below 6,500 feet, they are included as low level clouds. The main content in the low level clouds is the water droplet. Find chemical energy facts here.

Facts about Clouds 8: the high level clouds

The clouds located above 20,000 feet are included in the high level clouds. The ice crystals are the main content of the clouds.

Facts about Clouds

Facts about Clouds

Facts about Clouds 9: the middle level clouds

The clouds located around 6,500 to 20,000 feet are included in the middle level clouds. The compositions of the clouds include ice crystal and water droplets.

Facts about Clouds 10: the vertical clouds

The vertical clouds have tall shape. The name of the vertical clouds usually includes cumulus. Some examples of vertical clouds include cumulonimbus and cumulus. Get facts about clay soil here.



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