10 Facts about Clovis

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Many of you don’t know important Facts about Clovis. This Frankish king gave many influences during his era. Thus, you must learn more about him either for his reign or controversial life. He’s also one of the best leaders in the 5th century.

Facts about Clovis 1: The Kingship

Clovis got his kingship from his family. He was the son of Basina and Childeric I. He inherited the throne of Salian Franks at the age of 15. It was in 481 actually.

Facts about Clovis 2: The Glorious Victories

He led his armies into many victories. In 486, he defeated Soissons and the governor of Roman. He also attacked several barbarian kingdoms. After all, his fights brought many effects to his people.

Clovis facts

Clovis facts

Facts about Clovis 3: The Christianity

He adopted Christianity after his glorious battles. By this, he got the total supportfrom the bishops. They were the most influential people in Gaul. This means Clovis got the absolute control too.

Facts about Clovis 4: The Holy Wars

Clovis’ conversion into the Christianity made him involved into holy wars against nonbelievers and heretics. However, many experts consider it as a political move.

Clovis History

Clovis History

Facts about Clovis 5: The Overpower

He was quite ambitious. He wanted more power and portion of his Frankish kingdom. As a result, he eradicated the other kings over time although they were his allies. Due to his treachery and military expertise, he became a great leader in Gaul.

Facts about Clovis 6: The Frankish Expansion

The Frankish Expansion began in 486. The expansion ended in 507 with the war against the Visigoths near Poitiers. After the expansion, he focused on the governmental issues of his new territories.

Clovis Image

Clovis Image

Facts about Clovis 7: The Church Policy

He used excessive lordship toward his Church policy and it was tempered with religious privileges and needs. Find facts about Cleopatra here.

Facts about Clovis 8: The Salic law

In his final years of kingship, he devoted much of his energy and time to the codification and proclamation of the Salic law. It was the collection of Franks’ unwritten laws. As a result, he gave jurisdictional unison for his territories.



Facts about Clovis 9: The Death

He died at Paris on 511. He was 45 years old during that time. He gave his kingdom to his 4 sons for the sake of Frankish tradition. Get facts about Clive of India here.

Facts about Clovis 10: The Sons

It was a tradition to give out the throne to the sons upon a king’s death. Clovis distributed his kingdom among his 4 sons. However, Chlotar was the only son who lived longer than his brothers. He became a sole ruler afterwards.

Facts about Clovis

Facts about Clovis

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