10 Facts about Clownfish

Tuesday, January 19th 2016. | Animals

Many of you are interested in the Facts about Clownfish. Mostly, it’s due to the film Disney film ‘Finding Nemo’. However, there are many things you should know about this fish. The clownfish isn’t only good looking, but it’s also unique in many ways.

Facts about Clownfish 1: The Reproduction

It’s wrong to assume that the clownfish is a mammal. They usually lay their eggs massively at once. Most of the eggs may survive while the others do not. Also, they lay their eggs during the full moon. The male will guard the eggs well, in fact.

Facts about Clownfish 2: The Aggressiveness

They are forceful and aggressive in nature. The movie was wrong in representing this animal. ‘Finding Nemo’ shows the patient and calm animal. This’s wrong in many ways.

Clownfish Color

Clownfish Color

Facts about Clownfish 3: The Appearance

This kind of species is unique, particularly in the terms of appearance. They have orange and white stripes which are similar to a clown. There are some of them that have white and black stripes, though.

Facts about Clownfish 4: The Male One

Here’s the amazing fact about them. All of them are male when hatched from the eggs. Based on some reports, the male will turn into female soon after the female fish dies.

Clownfish facts

Clownfish facts

Facts about Clownfish 5: The Relationship with Sea Anemones

This kind of fish has a good relationship with sea anemones. The clownfish may eat any dead tentacles of sea anemones. This will boost the circulation too. In return, the anemones will protect the fish from predators.

Facts about Clownfish 6: The Percula Species

There are particular species namely Percula clownfish. They have a unique habit as they may dance when coming in contact with the sea anemones. There’s no explanation for this funny behavior.



Facts about Clownfish 7: The Color

They have various colors. Most of them are in orange and white stripes. The others are in white and blue, white and black, and white and yellow. Get facts about Cephalopods here.

Facts about Clownfish 8: The Names

In each country, this kind of fish has a different name. Japanese societies call it as kakuro-Kuma Nomi. The fish is called klovnfisk in Denmark.

Facts about Clownfish

Facts about Clownfish

Facts about Clownfish 9: The Eating Behavior

Clownfish isn’t an herbivore. This species is, in fact, an omnivore. The primary food is the dead tentacles of sea anemones. Actually, you can keep it healthy in an aquarium as long as the environment is good. Find facts about clams here.

Facts about Clownfish 10: The Habitat

Their habitat is in the warm sea. They can be seen mostly in Indian and Pacific Ocean. They love to hide in the coral reef and sea anemones. Their lifespan is between 5-8 years.

Clownfish Image

Clownfish Image

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