10 Facts about Clowns

Tuesday, January 19th 2016. | Entertainment

Learning some Facts about Clowns is a good thing. They are both comical and frightening actually. We often see them in birthday parties and circus shows. However, there are several things we never expect from them. They aren’t always funny as they should be.

Facts about Clowns 1: The Accidental Meeting

Whenever there are two jokers meet on a pavement, the clown going west or south takes advantage of the situation. The rule is that the clown going east or north must give in all of his belongings inside his wallet to the other clown.

Facts about Clowns 2: BelaKarolyi

Bela was a famous gymnastics coach will bring bad gymnasts into the GRCC for the purpose of banishment. This is a kind of terrible threatening, though.

Clown Images

Clown Images

Facts about Clowns 3: The Marketing Competition

Clowns have been banned by the Home Depot from the stores. Learning this situation, Lowe’s gives a special discount for any clowns as long as they put full makeup and costume while inside the stores.

Facts about Clowns 4: The Hate Crime

The crime between clowns is increasing. The FBI has difficulty to call it a crime as the clowns are too funny to commit a crime. Still, there were some killer clowns too. Some cases remain a mystery.

Clown Movie

Clown Movie

Facts about Clowns 5: The Discounts

It’s general knowledge. Clowns may receive discounted charges at almost all national parks. Despite this privilege, they should pay the full charge for car parks.

Facts about Clowns 6: The Bacchanalia

The clowns will get draconian penalties when they show you their genitals without the existence of a special event called bacchanalia. The worst penalty is the death by hanging.



Facts about Clowns 7: The Coulrophobia

Coulrophobia is the excessive fear toward clowns. Many celebrities also have admitted that they have this kind of phobia. As for examples, they are Loretta Lyn, Art Garfunkel, and many others. Find facts about Charlie Chaplin here.

Facts about Clowns 8: The Clown Marital Aids

There was a company producing marital aids for the clowns. These included red wigs, red noses, horns, and more. You would find these products in some adult shops.

Facts about Clowns

Facts about Clowns

Facts about Clowns 9: The Clown Paints

The first artist who painted clowns was Monet. We couldn’t see many of these items today. Monet’s works were done mostly on black velvet. Get facts about circuses here.

Facts about Clowns 10: The Child’s Birthday Party

Whenever a clown passes by a kid’s birthday party, he has the obligatory to offer a performance for free. This was a common rule among clowns.

Scary Clown

Scary Clown

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