10 Facts about Clydesdales

Wednesday, January 20th 2016. | Animals

These are some Facts about Clydesdales. This horse has been the recognizable species around the world. It’s both for their elegant figure and shaggy legs. This animal isn’t only beautiful, but it also has some other things we never know about it. Let’s check it out!

Facts about Clydesdales 1: The Physical Condition

The height of Clydesdales is more than 18 hands tall. The length is over 6 feet long. This animal can weigh up to 2000 pounds or more. That’s why people really love to ride this huge horse.

Facts about Clydesdales 2: The Ankle Hair

There are many unique characteristics of this horse including the long hair around the ankles. Based on the history, the first breeding of Clydesdales also has this hair. It may help them dealing with cold temperature during winters.

Clydesdales Facts

Clydesdales Facts

Facts about Clydesdales 3: The Online Sale

You can buy this animal easily through the internet. There are some sites offering the horse for sale. Not to mention you don’t need to spend much money on it.

Facts about Clydesdales 4: The Uses

Scottish often used the horse for pulling farm tools and equipment. Later, Clydesdales were mainly used in the war due to the durability and strength.

Clydesdales Horse

Clydesdales Horse

Facts about Clydesdales 5: The Color

There are many colors of this animal including bay, black, chestnut, and brown. Mostly, the horse has the color of white.

Facts about Clydesdales 6: The Drum Carrier

This animal once was used to serve the Queen Elizabeth II. Clydesdales was chosen to as the horse to carry a drum for the cavalry band into the royal service in the Household.

Clydesdales Pictures

Clydesdales Pictures

Facts about Clydesdales 7: The Population

The breed of Clydesdale horse once was in a dangerous state. The number was quite low back then. In 1975, there were only 80 horses at that time. Fortunately, the number increases over time. Today, there’s more than 5000 Clydesdale around the world. Find facts about Chihuahuas here.

Facts about Clydesdales 8: The Mascot

Budweiser uses this animal as their mascot. The inspiration came when August Busch, the president, saw this animal outside the factory pulling a wagon.



Facts about Clydesdales 9: The Elegance

Clydesdale is very big in the terms of size. However, this animal is also known for its elegance and gracefulness. Get facts about Chocolate Labs here.

Facts about Clydesdales 10: The Distinct Characteristics

This horse also has another interesting characteristic such as striped colors of white and black on the hoofs. Not to mention this animal has a sturdy figure. It’s big enough to enter an upcoming war, in fact.

Facts about Clydesdales

Facts about Clydesdales

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