10 Facts about Coast Guard

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The branch of the US Armed Force is explained on Facts about Coast Guard. There are seven unformed services in United States. The USCG or United Coast Guard is one of them. The mission of the coast guard is to enforce the maritime law. It is included as one of the branches in United States Military for it has the multi mission maritime function. Let’s find other interesting facts about coast guard below:

Facts about Coast Guard 1: the operation in the peace time

During the peace time, the United States Department of Homeland Security supervises the operation of United States Coast Guard.

Facts about Coast Guard 2: the operation in the war time

The United States Coast Guard is very unique. During the war time, the operation is supervised by the United States Department of Navy. The transfer of operation occurred twice in the American history. It was during the Second World War in 1941 and First World War in 1917.

Coast Guard Image

Coast Guard Image

Facts about Coast Guard 3: the congress

The original name of United States Coast Guard was Revenue Marine when it was established on August 4th, 1790 by the congress. But it was based on the request of Alexander Hamilton.

Facts about Coast Guard 4: the head of Revenue Marine

The head of Revenue Marine was Hamilton for he held a position as Secretary of Treasury. The main function of the Revenue Marine at that time was to collect custom duties in the seaports of United States.

Coast Guard Picture

Coast Guard Picture

Facts about Coast Guard 5: the name of the service

The term Revenue Marine was altered into U.S. Revenue Cutter Service by 1860s. Find facts about Chris Kyle here.

Facts about Coast Guard 6: the modern form of Coast Guard

On 28th January 1915, the merger between the United States Life Saving Service and Revenue Cutter Service formed the modern Coast Guard. The United States Department of the Treasury supervised it.

Coast Guard

Coast Guard

Facts about Coast Guard 7: the active duty

It was estimated that 42,000 men and women were in active duty in the Coast Guard as of 2012. It also had 8.700 full time civilian employees, 32,000 auxiliarists and 7,900 reservists. It takes the 12th place of the largest naval forces in the world based on its size.

Facts about Coast Guard 8: the tools and equipment of coast guard

There are various equipments or tools operated by the coast guard such as the pole icebreaker, high endurance cutter, national security cutter, Coastal Buoy Tender, Seagoing Buoy Tender and many more. Get facts about armada here.

Coast Guard Facts

Coast Guard Facts

Facts about Coast Guard 9: USCGC Mackinaw

When the Coast Guard is on the Great Lakes, they can use the heavy icebreaker called USCGC Mackinaw. It has the size 73 meter or 240 feet.

Facts about Coast Guard 10: the aircrafts

There are around 204 fixed and rotary wing aircraft operated by the United States Coast Guard.

Facts about Coast Guard

Facts about Coast Guard

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