10 Facts about Coastlines

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Facts about Coastlines tell you about the meeting of ocean or sea with the land. People also call it seashore. Other people define the word coastline as the boundary between the lake and ocean with the land. Because it is located in the boundary, the people can spot an interaction between the land and ocean. You can spot many people living near the coastlines for various purposes. The report states that e 44 percent people live 93 miles or 150 km away from the sea. Here are other interesting facts about coastlines to note:

Facts about Coastlines 1: the animals

The coastlines are not only important for human beings, but also for the animals. You can spot various animals living near the coast such as rockhopper, sea turtles, puffins or even penguins. Get clam facts here.

Facts about Coastlines 2: the food

Some animals decide to live near the coastlines because they can scavenge the food by the sea. Thus, you can view different kinds of barnacles and sea snails here.



Facts about Coastlines 3: other animals spotted near the coastlines

Other animals that you can spot near the coastlines are the fish, shellfish, pelicans, seabirds, sea lions, seagulls and many more. Find clownfish facts here.

Facts about Coastlines 4: the famous plants on the coastlines

Can you mention the most common plant to spot on the coastal lines? It is the kelp bed. In one day, this kelp or seaweed can grow up to one meter.

Coastlines Facts

Coastlines Facts

Facts about Coastlines 5: other important plants

Besides seaweed, you can also spot salt marsh, sea grasses and mangroves. All of them are important for the coastal vegetation. You can also spot sea anemones and corals. But both of them are not plants even though their lifestyle is almost similar with plants.

Facts about Coastlines 6: coastline in Marblehead

One of the famous coastlines in Massachusetts is located in Marblehead. People can visit the coastline and enjoy pleasure boating and other tourism activities. In the past, it was functioned as a fishing port.



Facts about Coastlines 7: the tourism industries

The tourism industries near the coastlines are growing from time to time in various areas in the world. Many people visit the beach during the sunny summer season. They can do fishing, sky driving, snorkeling, boating, swimming or even surfing.

Facts about Coastlines 8: the economic purpose

Tourism is not only the economical reason why people live near the coastal area. The port facilities and good harbors are located near the coastline too.

Facts about Coastlines

Facts about Coastlines

Facts about Coastlines 9: the national security

The national security of a country is also determined by the protection on the coast. It is considered as a frontier of a nation to stay away from the illegal migrants, smugglers and invaders.

Facts about Coastlines 10: coast guard

To protect the national security, coast guard is formed.

Coastlines Image

Coastlines Image

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