10 Facts about Coca Cola

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It will be fun for you reading the Facts about Coca Cola. You may see this brand everywhere in your town. It’s quite iconic and the whole world knows it well. Still, do you even know some countries that never drink it?

Facts about Coca Cola 1: The Invention

The invention of Coca-Cola was in 1886. The name was John S. Pemberton. The name was written in a unique way by Frank Robinson. This log remains the same up to now.

Facts about Coca Cola 2: The Exhaustion Reliever

At the first time, this beverage was marketed as an exhaustion reliever. People back then recognized it as a nerve tonic. The advertisement said it as the tonic that eradicates exhaustion. It was published in the same day as the invention.

Coca Coal Truck

Coca Coal Truck

Facts about Coca Cola 3: The Cocaine

The very first product included cocaine. The portion was 9 mg per cup. People used cocaine as the primary substitute for alcohol. It was also aimed to deal with opium dependence. In 1903, this drug was removed from the ingredients.

Facts about Coca Cola 4: The Popularity

The Coca-Cola Company has 4% of the total servings of different beverages drunk in daily basis excluding water. This means this product is quite popular around the world.

Coca Cola Bottles

Coca Cola Bottles

Facts about Coca Cola 5: The Resistance

You can find Coca-Cola almost in all countries. However, there are two countries that prohibit the sale of this beverage. They are North Korea and Cuba.

Facts about Coca Cola 6: The Beverage Portfolio

Coke has many sub-beverages these days. Perhaps it may take years for you to try any single of them. Up to now, Coca-Cola has more than 3000 beverages and hundreds of brands marketed all over the world.

Coca Cola facts

Coca Cola facts

Facts about Coca Cola 7: The Production

You can arrange each produced bottle of coke next to each other. You are able to reach the moon with it. The amount was too much so the calculation seems limitless. Check Burger King facts here.

Facts about Coca Cola 8: The Dominance

There are around 20 brands under the Coke umbrella. They all produce more than $1 billion in sales in yearly basis. You can research more about it, actually.

Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola Company

Facts about Coca Cola 9: The Brand

What is the worth of the brand? It’s around $84 billion. It dominates Pepsi, Subway, KFC, and Budweiser combined. Get facts about Cadbury here.

Facts about Coca Cola 10: The Fame behind Its Name

The company claims the name of Coca-Cola is the 2nd most understood term in the world. The first one is ‘OK’.

facts about Coca Cola

facts about Coca Cola

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