10 Facts about Cockatiels

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Find out the member of cockatoo family on Facts about Cockatiels. This bird is endemic to Australia. The scientific name of cockatiel is Nymphicus hollandicus. The people also call cockatiel the weiro or the quarrion. The people like to get cockatiel as their pet because this bird is considered as a good companion parrot or household pet. Talking about the popularity, it takes the second place. The first one is taken by budgerigar. Cockatiel is very easy to breed. Therefore, it can be found as a popular caged bird. Here are other interesting facts about cockatiel below:

Facts about Cockatiels 1: the genus Nymphicus

The only member of genus Nymphicus is cockatiel. In the past, the scientists called it as a small cockatoo. Now it is included in Nymphicinae, the subfamily.

Facts about Cockatiels 2: the family of cockatiel

Cockatiel is included in the family Cacatuidae. It is considered as the smallest member.

Cockatiel Facts

Cockatiel Facts

Facts about Cockatiels 3: the native bird

In Australia, cockatiel is considered as the native bird. They can be spotted in the bush lands, scrublands, and wetlands of Australia.

Facts about Cockatiels 4: the sex of cockatiel

If you spot at the juveniles and chicks of the young cockatiels, all of them look like female. It is difficult for the people to differentiate the male and female cockatiels.



Facts about Cockatiels 5: the appearance of cockatiels

Let’s find out the appearance of cockatiels. The face and crest of cockatiels are in grey tone. Each of the cheeks has the orange patch. The tail feathers feature the yellow stripes.

Facts about Cockatiels 6: the male

The people can differentiate the male and female cockatiels by checking the underside of the wing and tail feathers. The male does not any yellow or white spots on the wings and tail feather.

Cockatiels Pic

Cockatiels Pic

Facts about Cockatiels 7: the female cockatiels

The female cockatiels usually have the grey crest and face. The tail feathers still feature the horizontal barring which differentiate it with the male counterpart. Get facts about cockatoos here.

Facts about Cockatiels 8: the colors of cockatiels

There are two pigments which compose the color in the bird. Both are lipochromes and melanin.

Facts about Cockatiels

Facts about Cockatiels

Facts about Cockatiels 9: lipochromes

The lipochromes give cockatiels the orange color on the cheek and yellow on the tail and face. The melanin gives the feet, beak, eyes and feather the grey tone. Get facts about carrier pigeons here.

Facts about Cockatiels 10: the length of cockatiels

On average, cockatiels have the length at 12 to 24 inches or 30 to 60 cm. The length of the tail is 50 percent of the total length. The tail usually is 12 to 13 inches long.



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