10 Facts about Cockatoos

Friday, January 22nd 2016. | Animals

Get the interesting information about a unique bird on Facts about Cockatoos. This bird is included in the family Cacatuidae. This parrot can be seen in various Australasian areas in the world such as Indonesian island, Australia, Solomon Islands, New Guinea and Philippines. The name cockatoo is taken from Indonesian. Find other interesting facts about the bird below:

Facts about Cockatoos 1: the prominent features

Do you know the prominent features of cockatoo? This bird has the curved bills and showy crests.

Facts about Cockatoos 2: the plumage

If you look at parrots, you can find colorful plumage. The plumage of cockatoo is less colorful. It usually comes in black, grey or even white plumage. The colorful look can be seen on the tail, cheeks and crest.

Cockatoo Color

Cockatoo Color

Facts about Cockatoos 3: the large parrot

The body size of cockatoo is larger if you compare it with other parrots. The smallest cockatoo species is the cockatiel.

Facts about Cockatoos 4: the diet

There are various types of foods eaten by cockatoos. Those are insects, flowers, fruits, tubers, seeds and corms.



Facts about Cockatoos 5: the lifestyle of cockatoo

You can spot cockatoo living inside a tree hollow. The birds are monogamous. When they have ground feeding, they eat the food in a large flock.

Facts about Cockatoos 6: the habitat loss

The habitat loss affects the life of cockatoo. They have fewer places to live because the trees are cut by the people. Because of habitat loss, cockatoos have to adapt. Most of them are considered as agricultural pest due to the habitat loss.

Facts about Cockatoos

Facts about Cockatoos

Facts about Cockatoos 7: the popularity

In aviculture, cockatoo is considered as a very popular bird. The easiest one to maintain is cockatiel. It is very uncommon to spot black cockatoos in the captivity. You can find them in the wild. Get facts about bluebird here.

Facts about Cockatoos 8: the size of cockatoos

The weight of cockatoos is around 0.66 to 2.65 lbs or 300 to 1,200 gram. It has the length at 12 to 24 inches or 30 to 60 cm.



Facts about Cockatoos 9: the size of cockatiel

The cockatiel is very small. It has the weight at 2.8 to 3.5 oz. The length is around 13 inches or 32 cm. Find cardinal facts here.

Facts about Cockatoos 10: headcrest

The interesting feature on various species of cockatoos is the headcrest. It is movable. When the cockatoo is aroused or when it lands from flying, the headcrest will be raised.



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