10 Facts about Cockermouth

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Facts about Cockermouth inform you with the ancient civil parish and market town. The location of Cockermouth is in Cumbria, England. The name of the town was taken from River Cocker. The people who live in Cockermouth were around 8,204 individuals based on the census in mid-2010. In 2011, it was inhabited by 8,761 people. Check other facts about Cockermouth below:

Facts about Cockermouth 1: the architecture of Cockermouth

The architecture of Cockermouth is very unique for it shows you the good example of medieval layout. You can find out various 18th and 19th medieval architectures.

Facts about Cockermouth 2: the market place

If you are in Cockermouth, you need to go to the market place. It is considered as the center of the town where people can remember the history of the region.

Cockermouth Beauty

Cockermouth Beauty

Facts about Cockermouth 3: flooding

The people in Cockermouth are aware with the risk of flooding. In 2005, there was flooding in the area. Then flooding in Cockermouth occurred again on December 19th, 2009 and December 6th, 2015.

Facts about Cockermouth 4: climate

Let’s find out the climate of Cockermouth. Due to the low elevation and Irish Sea’s influence, Cockermouth has the temperate climate. The average of rainfalls in United Kingdom is higher compared to that of Cockermouth.

Cockermouth Facts

Cockermouth Facts

Facts about Cockermouth 5: the highest temperature

The highest temperature of Cockermouth was recorded on 19 July 2006 at Lorton. It was 88.3 degree F or 31.3 degree C.

Facts about Cockermouth 6: the coldest temperature in Cockermouth

During January 1982, the people recorded the coldest temperature in Cockermouth. It was 7.0 degree F or -13.9 °C.

Cockermouth Flood

Cockermouth Flood

Facts about Cockermouth 7: the trading farmer market

The people who visit Cockermouth can see the trading farmer market. However, it is only held seasonally. It becomes a popular destination. On Bank Holiday Mondays, the drinkers will like to visit the pubs in Cockermouth.

Facts about Cockermouth 8: education in Cockermouth

There are three primary schools that you can find in Cockermouth. Those are St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, All Saints Church of England Primary School and Fairfield Primary School. Check facts about Castleton here.

facts about Cockermouth

facts about Cockermouth

Facts about Cockermouth 9: the famous residents of Cockermouth

The notable residents from Cockermouth include the rally driver Matthew Wilson, the auctioneer auctioneer, a father of atomic theory John Dalton, the footballer Rob Edwards, Astronomer Royal Fearon Fallows and many more.

Facts about Cockermouth 10: Cockermouth F.C.

Cockermouth F.C. is considered as one of the notable sport clubs in Cockermouth. It is a young football club in the town. Get facts about Cheltenham here.



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