10 Facts about Cockermouth Floods

Saturday, January 23rd 2016. | Disasters

One of the bad disasters in Cumbria is explained on Facts about Cockermouth Floods. Many parts of the central Cockermouth were affected by the flood. The water level of rivers Cocker and Derwent which met in Cockermouth caused the flood. Due to this risen level of water, there were buildings, pubs, restaurants and shops in Cockermouth flooded. Here are other facts about Cockermouth floods to note:

Facts about Cockermouth Floods 1: the flood in the Main Street

The Main Street was dry during the midday even though the water level of the river was very high. The height of the water was a foot depth by 3 pm.

Facts about Cockermouth Floods 2: the water level by the midnight

The Main Street and some side streets in Cockermouth had raging torrent of water by midnight. At that time, the water level was around 5 feet to 8 feet deep.

Cockermouth Flood

Cockermouth Flood

Facts about Cockermouth Floods 3: the restoration

Cockermouth flood gave a big impact on the economy of the people. The businesses in town could be open again a year after the flood.

Facts about Cockermouth Floods 4: the silver lining of Cockermouth Flood

Even though Cockermouth flood is considered as a dangerous disaster, at least the people who live here can take the silver lining. When you visit Cockermouth, you can spot the prettier buildings, shops and restaurants after renovation.

Cockermouth Floods Pictures

Cockermouth Floods Pictures

Facts about Cockermouth Floods 5: the rainfalls

The rivers and streams spilled a lot of amount of water because of the unexpected heavy rain falls. There were businesses and homes damaged by the flooded water from the rivers and streams.

Facts about Cockermouth Floods 6: the victims

The report stated that Cockermouth was devastated because of the flood. There were around 1,400 residents and 900 properties affected by the flood.

Facts about Cockermouth Floods

Facts about Cockermouth Floods

Facts about Cockermouth Floods 7: taking the action

The local people began to take action after Cockermouth was hit by the flood for the third time in four years. It was urged by the community group in Cockermouth who concerned with the damages caused by the flood. Find facts about Chicago Fire here.

Facts about Cockermouth Floods 8: the emergency services

There were hundreds of residents rescued because the water level reached 2.5 meter or 8.2 feet on November 19th, 2009.

Cockermouth Floods

Cockermouth Floods

Facts about Cockermouth Floods 9: the community groups

The flood in the town left the physical and emotional effect. Thus, the community group tried to help by having the support clinics and clothes banks. Get facts about Chile Earthquake here.

Facts about Cockermouth Floods 10: the tourism businesses

Because of the flood, the tourism business in the town was decreased.

Cockermouth Floods Facts

Cockermouth Floods Facts

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