10 Facts about Coco Chanel

Wednesday, January 20th 2016. | Fashion

You will read some Facts about Coco Chanel. She’s a famous designer and she is the symbol of energy, determination, and ambition. The fact is that she belongs to one of the most influential people around the world. Now it’s time to learn more about her.

Facts about Coco Chanel 1: The Pocket Lover

This woman indeed had something with pockets. She just loved these items. Most of her works had many pockets, in fact. If you check on a Chanel purse, you will find more pockets inside it. This is just her natural characteristic.

Facts about Coco Chanel 2: The Number 5

It’s common sense. Her favored number was 5. However, this fact doesn’t affect how she invented the famous perfume Chanel no.5. The name was chosen based on her decision when picking the trial samples back then.


Facts about Coco Chanel

Facts about Coco Chanel

Facts about Coco Chanel 3: The Hat Designer

Her career in fashion started based on her hobby. She loved designing hats. Later, her works were acknowledged by some rich women in Paris.

Facts about Coco Chanel 4: The Sun Tan

During her time, sunbathing wasn’t something popular. She got her tan and brought it accidently into vogue. The society instantly followed such trend.



Facts about Coco Chanel 5: The Poor Background

Coco Chanel came from a poor family. Her mother worked as a laundress.She died due to poor health. She had an irresponsible father too. She once lived in an orphanage and she learned how to sow there.

Facts about Coco Chanel 6: The Nazi Accusation

There were many reports regarding her involvement to the Nazis. Based on rumors, she had a boyfriend who was a Nazi officer. The name was Hans Gunther.

Coco Chanel Fashion

Coco Chanel Fashion

Facts about Coco Chanel 7: The Advertising

Coco Chanel used celebrities as the media of advertising. She asked the famous actress to wear her products and took their photographs. Check Calvin Klein facts here.

Facts about Coco Chanel 8: The Luxury Hotel

She has been living in Ritz Hotel for approximately 37 years. She died in 1971 and her life back then was so luxurious.

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel

Facts about Coco Chanel 9: The Black Fashion

Coco Chanel also invented the short black dress as the part of fashion in 1926. Back then, the black color only represented the mourning in the funerals. Today, black becomes more fashionable. Thanks for her help. Get facts about Carolina Herrera here.

Facts about Coco Chanel 10: The Famous Perfume

Her most famous perfume product is Chanel No. 5. It’s one of the top-selling perfumes in the world. Almost all people recognize it.

Coco Chanel facts

Coco Chanel facts

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