10 Facts about Coconut Water

Sunday, January 24th 2016. | Culinary

Facts about Coconut Water inform with the clear liquid located inside the coconut. During the nuclear phase of development, the liquid inside this young green coconut serves as the suspension for the endosperm. The rind of the mature endosperm is deposited on the coconut meat when it comes in cellular phase. The people have to create a hole on the coconut when they want to get the meat and liquid. While they are green, the people will directly harvest them from the trees. Check other interesting facts about coconut water here:

Facts about Coconut Water 1: the fallen coconut

The fallen coconuts are at risk of being contaminated by animals or even insects. They are often damaged or rotten.

Facts about Coconut Water 2: the popular drink

The people in the tropical countries like to drink coconut water. It is considered as one of the most popular drinks.

Coconut Water Pic

Coconut Water Pic

Facts about Coconut Water 3: the availability of coconut water

When you visit the tropical countries, you can get coconut water in various forms. You can choose the bottled, canned or even fresh coconut water. Check facts about coconut oil here.

Facts about Coconut Water 4: the street vendors

There are many street vendors in the tropical countries which sell the fresh coconuts. The sellers will use machetes to cut and open the coconuts in front of the customers. Thus, you can enjoy the fresh coconut water with ice.

Coconut Water

Coconut Water

Facts about Coconut Water 5: coconut vinegar

You can produce coconut vinegar from coconut water. You can use it to make the jelly like food that people call nata de coco. The people can use nata de coco to create various kinds of drinks.

Facts about Coconut Water 6: the nutritional value

Coconut water is famous with its high nutritional value. It has high amount of electrolyte content, low level of carbohydrates and low fat. People always associate it with a sport drink or natural energy drink. Find facts about coconuts here.

Coconut Water Facts

Coconut Water Facts

Facts about Coconut Water 7: the false marketing

There are some regulatory agencies which prohibit any marketing which claims that coconut water can decrease cholesterol, regulate the sugar level as well antiviral without any scientific proof.

Facts about Coconut Water 8: a rare medical usage

When the medical saline was absent, the coconut water was used as the replacement. The people believed that it served as the intravenous rehydration fluid.

Facts about Coconut Water

Facts about Coconut Water

Facts about Coconut Water 9: the common practice

Replacing medical saline with coconut water was a common practice in 1975 until 1979 in Khmer Rouge Regime in Cambodia. Today, the physicians do not recommend the substitution.

Facts about Coconut Water 10: the excessive consumption of coconut water

The excessive consumption of coconut water is not good for it can lead to loss of consciousness, heart arrhythmia, acute kidney failure and fever.

Coconut Water Image

Coconut Water Image

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