10 Facts about Coconuts

Thursday, January 21st 2016. | Culinary

Let’s find out a tree included in the palm family on Facts about Coconuts. The scientific name of coconut is Cocos nucifera. In the genus cocos, coconut tree is the only accepted species. When you use the word coconut, it usually refers to the fruit, seeds, and palm. Coconut is very important for the people who live in the tropical areas because of its various uses. The people like to take the coconut water because of its delicate taste. Here are other interesting facts about coconut below:

Facts about Coconuts 1: the coconut oil

The people can get the oil from coconut when it is mature. You can use the milk and oil of coconut for frying and cooking. The industries also use the coconut oil to produce cosmetics and soaps.

Facts about Coconuts 2: the dried coconut

The dried coconut is called copra. It is an important commodity in various tropical countries in the world.

Coconut facts

Coconut facts

Facts about Coconuts 3: the leaves and husks

The people will never throw away the leaves and husks of coconut trees. They will use them to create decoration, furnishing and hand crafts. Get facts about cocoa beans here.

Facts about Coconuts 4: the salinity

The high salinity of soil is not a big deal for coconut plant trees. There is no need to wonder that you can find a lot of coconut trees spreading around the beaches.

Coconut Tree

Coconut Tree

Facts about Coconuts 5: the humidity

If you want to have a coconut which can grow well, you have to plant them on the areas with high humidity. Therefore, the coconut can have the maximum growth.

Facts about Coconuts 6: the coconuts trees in Karachi, Pakistan

Even though it needs the areas with high humidity, you can spot some coconuts trees in Karachi Pakistan. The region has low precipitation per year. But Karachi is humid and warm. The cold weather is not good for coconut trees.



Facts about Coconuts 7: the pests of coconut trees

The rhinoceros beetle, coconut mite, coconut leaf caterpillar and red palm weevil are some coconut pests for coconut trees in Kerala, India. Check facts about chilies here.

Facts about Coconuts 8: the production of coconut trees

Based on the report in 2013, India had 18.3 millions of tonnes of coconuts. The second one was in Philippines with 15.3 million of tonnes of coconut.

Facts about Coconuts

Facts about Coconuts

Facts about Coconuts 9: the tropical Asia

Most coconuts in the world are produced in tropical Asia. 73 percent of the world production of coconut is from the production of coconut in Indonesia, Philippines and India.

Facts about Coconuts 10: the national tree

In Maldives, coconut is considered as the national tree due to its significant importance.



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