10 Facts about Cod Fish

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One of the common fish is explained on Facts about Cod Fish. The fish is included in the family Gadidae and genus Gadus. The Pacific cod and the Atlantic cod are the two primary species of cod. The Pacific cod has the scientific name Gadus macrocephalus, while the Atlantic cod bears the name Gadus morhua. You can spot the appearance of Pacific cod in the western and eastern regions of northern Pacific. The Atlantic cod lives in the deep and cold regions of North Atlantic. Here are some interesting facts about cod fish to note:

Facts about Cod Fish 1: Gadus morhua

In 1758, Linnaeus named the Atlantic cod Gadus morhua. Linnaeus named the non migratory and low salinity cod as Gadus callarias even though now it is called gadus morhua callarias.

Facts about Cod Fish 2: the popularity of cod fish

Cod fish is very popular in the world. It has the flaky white flesh with mild flavor. You can eat cod fish as food.

Cod Fish Facts

Cod Fish Facts

Facts about Cod Fish 3: cod liver oil

Have you ever heard about cod liver oil? This type of oil is made of the cod liver. It is good for our health because the cod liver oil contains vitamin E, vitamin D and vitamin A. It is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Facts about Cod Fish 4: scrod

Scord is a unique term to call the strips of young Atlantic cod fish used for cooking. The people in United Kingdom will create fish and chip by using Atlantic cod as the main ingredient.

Cod Fish Image

Cod Fish Image

Facts about Cod Fish 5: the soft liver of cod

The people will never throw away the cod liver for it is a source of various nutrients. The people can eat it or tin the liver.

Facts about Cod Fish 6: the consumptions of cod

In Italy, Spain, Brazil and Portugal, cod fish is considered as an important food. The people like to consume this fish.

Cod Fish

Cod Fish

Facts about Cod Fish 7: the major spawning

In January and April, the people can enjoy a major spawning of northeastern Atlantic cod. The peaks months are in March and April. Find facts about catfish here.

Facts about Cod Fish 8: the prespawning courtship

The male grunting and fin display are considered as the prespawning activities for cod fish. After 8 to 23 days, the planktonic eggs will hatch. The length of the larva is around 0.16 in or 4 ml. After six months, the young cod will grow up to 3.1 inches or 8 cm.

facts about Cod Fish

facts about Cod Fish

Facts about Cod Fish 9: the maturity

When the cod fish is 3 to 4 years old, it reaches the mature state. The length reaches 20 inches or 50 cm. Get facts about clownfish here.

Facts about Cod Fish 10: the diet of adult cod fish

The small cod, crabs, squid, whiting, sand eels, worms, lobsters, molluscs, mackerel, mussels and haddock are some foods hunted by adult cod fish.

Cod Fish Pic

Cod Fish Pic

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