10 Facts about Cody Simpson

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Get facts about Cody Simpson if you want to know the notable Australian musician, singer, songwriter, actor and dancer. He was born on January 11th, 1997. This young man comes from Gold Coast, Queensland. The Atlantic Records, a US record label signed him before. Now he has his own label called Coast House Records. Let’s find out interesting facts about Cody Simpson below:

Facts about Cody Simpson 1: the family of Cody

Brad and Angie Simpson are the parents of Cody Simpson. Tom and Ali are the younger siblings of Cody.

Facts about Cody Simpson 2: swimming

It seems that Cody is an avid swimmer. At the Queensland Swimming Championship, he earned 2 gold medals. Ken Nixon was his swimming coach at Miami Swimming Club.

Cody simpson Facts

Cody simpson Facts

Facts about Cody Simpson 3: YouTube

YouTube made him famous. During the summer of 2009, Cody performed various record songs from his bedroom and posted them on YouTube. Some of the songs that he performed include “I Want You Back” by The Jacksons, “Senorita” by Justin Timberlake, “One” his own song and “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz.

Facts about Cody Simpson 4: who discovered his talent?

His singing and musical talent that he showed on YouTube attracted Shan Campbell.

Cody simpson Singer

Cody simpson Singer

Facts about Cody Simpson 5: the rise to fame

In December 2009, Simpson rose to fame after he was featured on The 7.30 Report. On 15th May 2010, Cody featured with Flo Rida, the famous American rapper to release his debut single with the title “iYiYi”.

Facts about Cody Simpson 6: the second single

The title of Cody’s second single is “Summertime”. On 20th September 2010, the music video of “Summertime” was released. Check facts about Chief Keef here.

Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson

Facts about Cody Simpson 7: moving to LA

In June 2010, Cody and his family decided to move to Los Angeles. The Atlantic Records Shawn Campbell signed him. He would record the songs in LA.

Facts about Cody Simpson 8: Coast to Coast

On 20 September 2011, Atlantic Record released Coast to Coast on the market. It was sold around 24,000 copies. On the Billboard 200, it reached number 12.

Cute Cody Simpson

Cute Cody Simpson

Facts about Cody Simpson 9: the manager

Scooter Braun was the former manager of Justin Bieber. He was hired by Simpson as his manager on 22 September 2011. Get facts about Cliff Richard here.

Facts about Cody Simpson 10: The Acoustic Sessions

The Acoustic Sessions was the acoustic album that Cody released on 19 November 2013. Some songs in the album included “Wish U Were Here”, “ La Da Dee”, and “Pretty Brown Eyes”.

facts about Cody Simpson

facts about Cody Simpson

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