10 Facts about Coelophysis

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Let’s find out the detail information about the extinct genus of coelophysid theropod dinosaur on facts about Coelophysis. The genus was spotted living 203 to 196 million years ago. The present day location of Coelophysis is at the southwestern United States. They lived at the latter part of Triassic Period. Here are other interesting facts about Coelophysis:

Facts about Coelophysis 1: the body shape

The length of Coelophysis can reach 9.8 feet or 3 meter. This bipedal carnivore has slender and small body. They were ground dwelling animals.

Facts about Coelophysis 2: the synonymous names

The word Coelophysis is synonymous with Rioarribasaurus and Longosaurus.

Coelophysis Image

Coelophysis Image

Facts about Coelophysis 3: Edward Drinker Cope

In 1887, Edward Drinker Cope included Coelophysis bauri into genus Coelurus.

Facts about Coelophysis 4: the earliest genera

One of the earliest genera of dinosaur is Coelophysis.  The reports state that the scattered materials were discovered in many parts of the world. Most of them were derived from the Late Triassic and Early Jurassic Period.

Coelophysis Pic

Coelophysis Pic

Facts about Coelophysis 5: the teeth of Coelophysis bauri

There were 26 teeth located at the upper jaw of Coelophysis bauri. The lower jaw featured 27 teeth. The teeth of the lower jaw were the dentary bone, while the upper jaw’s teeth were the maxillary bone.

Facts about Coelophysis 6: the characteristics of Coelophysis’ teeth

The teeth of Coelophysis were sharp. They resembled the shape of blade. There is no need to wonder that Coelophysis was a carnivore dinosaur. The teeth were just like the typical predatory dinosaurs. Get facts about Carnotaurus here.

Coelophysis Picture

Coelophysis Picture

Facts about Coelophysis 7: the diet

Coelophysis had the flexible forelimb. However, they had the weak bone structure. Thus, it is more likely for Coelophysis to hunt the small and fast moving prey. It is due to the small teeth and weak forelimbs.

Facts about Coelophysis 8: a cannibal

The species of Coelophysis characterized as a cannibal was Coelophysis bauri. This opinion was supported by the research on some Ghost Ranch specimens. The scientists found the juvenile specimen inside the abdominal cavities.  In 2002, Rob Gay believed that there was a misinterpretation on the specimen.

Coelophysis Facts

Coelophysis Facts

Facts about Coelophysis 9: huge packs

Coelophysis lived in a huge pack. They gathered to drink or even feed. Find facts about Ceratosaurus here.

Facts about Coelophysis 10: the growth stages

There were four growth stages of Coelophysis. The first one was a year. Then it was followed at 2 years, four years and seven years.

Facts about Coelophysis

Facts about Coelophysis

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