10 Facts about Coffee

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Facts about Coffee talk about the most popular drink in the world. Coffee is made of coffee beans. People believe that coffee can increase the concentration. Therefore, some people always drink coffee before they work in the office. The coffee beans to create coffee drink are taken from the seeds of Coffea plants. Check other interesting facts about coffee below:

Facts about Coffee 1: the Coffea Plant

The coffee beans are taken from the Coffea Plant. The plants originally come from some islands located in southern Asia and subtropical Africa.

Facts about Coffee 2: the cultivation

Due to the popularity of coffee, there is no need to wonder that Coffea plants are spreading around the world. It is cultivated in more than 70 countries in the world. Most Coffea Plants are cultivated in Africa, India, Southeast Asia and Americas.


Coffee facts

Coffee facts

Facts about Coffee 3: the common cultivated coffee

There are two common coffees cultivated in the world. Both are coffee Robusta and coffee Arabica. The former is strong and hard.

Facts about Coffee 4: the process to make coffee

The coffee beans will be picked when they ripe. Then they will be processed, dried and roasted. The flavor of the coffee is determined by the degree of roasted coffee. The coffee drink is made by grounding and brewing.

Coffee Drink

Coffee Drink

Facts about Coffee 5: the caffeine content

Coffee is famous in the world because of the caffeine content. It has a stimulating effect.

Facts about Coffee 6: how to serve coffee

Even though coffee is slightly acidic, many people in the world love it much. You can serve coffee in various ways such as café latte, cappuccino, and espresso. Get cinnamon facts here.

facts about Coffee

facts about Coffee

Facts about Coffee 7: the hot or cold coffee

You can serve coffee with ice or you can pick the hot coffee. It is served in various cafes and restaurants in the world.

Facts about Coffee 8: the content of coffee

You can get 40 mg caffeine per 100 gram from the brewed coffee served with tap water. You will get B vitamins, magnesium, riboflavin and niacin if you choose espresso for it has suspended solid. It contains higher caffeine. It has 212 mg caffeine per 100 gram.



Facts about Coffee 9: white coffee

You can serve coffee as a white coffee since you can mix it with cream and milk. You can use the artificial sugar or natural sugar to make the coffee sweet. Find cocoa bean facts here.

Facts about Coffee 10: coffee and alcohol

Coffee and alcohol can be mixed to create unique drink. In Irish coffee, whiskey and coffee are combined.

Coffee Pictures

Coffee Pictures

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