10 Facts about Coffee Beans

Saturday, January 30th 2016. | Culinary

Facts about Coffee Beans talk about coffee plant’s seed. The coffee drink is made of coffee bean. Due to the resemblance of true beans, the seeds of coffee are called coffee beans. There are two seeds located in most of cherries. In rare condition, it has a single seed. Let’s find out other interesting facts about coffee beans below:

Facts about Coffee Beans 1: the types of coffee beans

There are two types of the common coffee beans to make coffee drinks in the world. Both are Robusta and Arabica.

Facts about Coffee Beans 2: the percentage

Robusta takes 20 percent of whole coffee production in the world. Arabica takes 75 to 80 percent of the coffee production.

Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

Facts about Coffee Beans 3: the caffeine

You can get 1.7 to 4 percent of caffeine from Robusta beans. The proportion of caffeine in Arabica beans is around 0.8 to 1.4 percent.

Facts about Coffee Beans 4: a major cash crop

Coffee bean is considered as a major cash crop in the world because of its popularity. People love to drink coffee because of its exotic taste and stimulating effect.

Coffee Bean

Coffee Bean

Facts about Coffee Beans 5: the developing countries

Coffee bean is considered as a big source of cash for the developing countries in the world. It is a major export item.

Facts about Coffee Beans 6: the coffee tree

The height of the coffee tree is around 16 to 33 feet or 5 to 10 meter. The plants will have more fruits and leaves but the branches are less when they are old.

Coffee Bean Pictures

Coffee Bean Pictures

Facts about Coffee Beans 7: the temperature of Arabica coffee beans

When you want to grow Arabica coffee beans, the temperature should be around 59 to 75 degree F or 15 to 24 degree C. Find facts about coconut here.

Facts about Coffee Beans 8: the temperature of Robusta coffee beans

You can get perfect Robusta coffee beans if they are grown at the temperature at 75 to 86 degree F or 24 to 30 degree C. It also needs rains.

Coffee Bean Pic

Coffee Bean Pic

Facts about Coffee Beans 9: Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is an expensive coffee. It is very rare because the beans are taken from the Asian palm civet which earns the coffee berry. Then the animals excrete the beans. Get facts about coconut water here.

Facts about Coffee Beans 10: how to process

There are two methods to process coffee beans. The coffee in Africa and Brazil has the dry processes.  The wet processing is applied in on the coffee in Africa and Central America.

Facts about Coffee Beans

Facts about Coffee Beans

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