10 Facts about Coffin Ships

Friday, January 29th 2016. | History

The ships which carried the Irish immigrants and Highlanders were explained on facts about coffin ships. The immigrants used the ships to avoid the Great Irish Famine. When the ships crossed the Atlantic, many people died. They did not have access to the water and food. Moreover, the ships were very crowded.  The bad condition of the coffin ships caused Typhus epidemic in Canada in 1847. Here are some interesting facts about coffin ships:

Facts about Coffin Ships 1: the owners of coffin ships

The owners of coffin ships did not break the laws even though they only gave a little amount of water and food. The living space inside the coffin ships was limited too.

Facts about Coffin Ships 2: the mortality rate

The mortality rate for the people who used the coffin ships was 30 percent. However, the people considered it as the most economical way to cross Atlantic Ocean.

Coffin Ship

Coffin Ship

Facts about Coffin Ships 3: the body of the dead people

The bodies of the dead people were overthrown on the sea. Thus, the people viewed the sharks around the sea.

Facts about Coffin Ships 4: the Passenger Vessels Act

In 1803, the British officials enacted the Passenger Vessels Act to protect the emigrant passengers. Then the act was evolved in the following years. In 1828, it was revised. It was considered as a proof that the British officials started to give more attention on the emigration related issues. Get facts about Canada History here.

Facts about Coffin Ships

Facts about Coffin Ships

Facts about Coffin Ships 5: the number of passengers

At first, there was no regulation which protected the passengers in the ships. Then the laws were made to make sure that the passengers could get enough water and food during the voyage. Moreover, there was a regulation which determined the number of people that a ship could take abroad.

Facts about Coffin Ships 6: the dangerous voyage

Even though Britain had enacted the laws to protect the passengers during the voyage, the shipmasters and ship-owners have the ability avoid the law.

Coffin Ships Pictures

Coffin Ships Pictures

Facts about Coffin Ships 7: the coffin ships with skeletons

If you want to know the coffin ships with skeletons and bones, you need to go to National famine Monument.  The location is in Murrisk, County Mayo, Ireland.

Facts about Coffin Ships 8: the sculptor

The monument is considered as the largest bronze sculpture in Ireland. John Behan was the sculptor.

Coffin Ships facts

Coffin Ships facts

Facts about Coffin Ships 9: the Irish Famine

The Irish Famine is one of the important historical events. During the 150th anniversary of Irish famine, Mary Robinson unveiled the Coffin Ship in 1997. Find facts about carpetbaggers here.

Facts about Coffin Ships 10: in popular culture

Coffin ship is a subject to various types of popular cultures. It can be seen in a poem, “In a Bad Light” by Eavan Boland.

Coffin Ships

Coffin Ships

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