10 Facts about Coho Salmon

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Facts about Coho Salmon inform you with one of the fish species in salmon family. It has the biological name Oncorhynchus kisutch. The name was taken from the Russian name kizhuch.  The common name of Coho salmon is silvers or silver salmons. There were 6.3 million Coho salmon taken in 2010 from North Pacific Ocean. In Russia, there were 1.7 million Coho salmons, while United States took 4.5 million Coho salmons. Get other facts about Coho salmon below:

Facts about Coho Salmon 1: the fishery

Coho salmon is considered as one of the important commodities in the Alaskan fishery. The fishermen used net fishery like gillnet and seine to catch Coho salmons.

Facts about Coho Salmon 2: a game fish

Coho salmon is famous as a game fish in North America. In July to December, the game fish begin in freshwater and saltwater. The people will catch Coho salmons using the light fishing tackle.

Coho Salmon Facts

Coho Salmon Facts

Facts about Coho Salmon 3: the popularity of game fish

The game fish with Coho salmon as the main menus is very popular in United States and Canada. The people will gather in the Pacific Northwest to do the game fish.

Facts about Coho Salmon 4: the major reason

Coho salmon is very popular in a game fish because this fish likes to chase the bait and lure. Moreover, the Coho salmons like to gather in schools at the shallow water. You can catch them even though you are only at the boat or bank.

Coho Salmon Image

Coho Salmon Image

Facts about Coho Salmon 5: the fat content

The content of fat inside the Coho salmon is moderate. If you have Coho salmon, it is recommended for you to have it in cold smoking process.

Facts about Coho Salmon 6: a staple diet

Some indigenous people consider Coho salmon as a part of their staple diet.   The fish is used to symbolize sustenance and life for several indigenous tribes.

Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon

Facts about Coho Salmon 7: the freshwater stages

Coho salmons eat insects and planktons when they are at the freshwater stage.  When the Coho salmons are in adult’s stages, they begin to leave the freshwater to reach the ocean. The small fish will be the main diet. Check butterfly fish facts here.

Facts about Coho Salmon 8: spawning

When Coho salmons are in spawning stage, they will choose the small stream to do this activity.

Coho Salmons

Coho Salmons

Facts about Coho Salmon 9: the declined population

The population of Coho salmons decreases in west coast of United States. The natural factor as well as the human induced factor is the primary reason.

Facts about Coho Salmon 10: the size of mature adult Coho salmon

The weight of the mature Coho salmon is around 16 kilogram or 36 pounds.  It has darker back with red skin. Find facts about cod fish here.

Facts about Coho Salmon

Facts about Coho Salmon

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