10 Facts about Coins

Saturday, January 30th 2016. | Economy

Facts about Coins tell you about a medium of exchange made of hard material. The government issues the legal coins to facilitate trade in a certain country. The mint produces the coins in large quantity. Therefore, the design and weight of coins are standardized. There are several materials to create coins. Those include alloys, metals or even synthetic materials. Here are other interesting facts about coins:

Facts about Coins 1: the shape

Coin is considered as a usual item in our daily life for we use it for trade. Most coins produced in the world are made in disc shape.

Facts about Coins 2: bullion coins

Bullion coin is different from the common coins circulated in our daily life. The bullion coin is made of valuable metals stored in coins.

Coin Designs

Coin Designs

Facts about Coins 3: the value of the coins

The value of the common coins in the circulation is less that the value note.  If the value of the coins is higher than the value note, the people will hoard or even metal them down.

Facts about Coins 4: the value of bullion coins

Bullion coins are very different from the common circulated coins. They are made for the investors or even collectors who want to have the precious coins.



Facts about Coins 5: the materials of bullion coins

The bullion coins are made of the precious materials such as gold, palladium, platinum or even silver. They have higher value.

Facts about Coins 6: the investor’s coins or gold collector coins

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf minted by Canada, the American Gold Eagle minted by the US, the Krugerrand minted by South Africa and the British sovereign minted by the UK are some examples of the valuable coins.

Coin Facts

Coin Facts

Facts about Coins 7: copper

The amount of copper in US coins was decreased because the value of copper was increased.  Copper only accounts 2.5 percent on the US coins. It is used as the coating. 97.5 percent of the coin is made of zinc. Get facts about coal mining here.

Facts about Coins 8: the collector’s item

Coin is one of the collector’s items. The value is seen from the general popularity, design, beauty, quality, rarity or even historical significance.

Gold Coins

Gold Coins

Facts about Coins 9: a medium of expression

Coin is not only for trade or even collection. It can be used as a medium of expression. When you go to the amusement parks, you can spot penny machines or even fine art sculpture.

Facts about Coins 10: the design of coins

The design of coins is divided two sides that people call tail or reverse and head or obverse. The head features the national emblem, authority or monarch. The tail features the denomination. Check facts about Chinese money here.

Facts about Coins

Facts about Coins

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