10 Facts about Coke

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Let’s find the interesting Facts about Coke. It is a kind of popular drink that you can find in United States. People often use the coke to call the soda and pop or soda pop. In Southern United States, the term coke is used to call various kinds of soft drink.  The term coke is used based on the geographical identity. Get other facts about coke below:

Facts about Coke 1: what is coke?

Coke is a kind of a carbonated soft drink. It is sweetened. It can be mixed in various flavors such as vanilla.

Facts about Coke 2: Coca Cola

Coca Cola is one of the famous soft drinks in the world.  In 1886, Coca Cola was invented by John Pemberton. He was a pharmacist who made colas very popular in the world.


Coke Pic

Coke Pic

Facts about Coke 3: the modern colas

If you look at the modern colas, it contains sweetener, caffeine, and caramel color. The high fructose corn syrup or even sugar is used for the sweetener.

Facts about Coke 4: the modern flavoring ingredients

Citrus oils such as lemon fruit peel, limes and oranges are used as the main flavor for coke.  Others include vanilla and cinnamon.

Coke Image

Coke Image

Facts about Coke 5: phosphoric acid

The phosphoric acid is used to provide the acidity on coke. There are some companies in the world such as Coca Cola which keep their recipe in secret.

Facts about Coke 6: the common sweetener

Most cokes in Canada and United States are sweetened by HFCS or high fructose corn syrup. There are several diets or even sugar free cokes. It is mixed with an artificial sweetener or stevia.

Coke Cans

Coke Cans

Facts about Coke 7: the brands of coke

There are various coke brands in the world such as Coca Cola, Coca-Cola Clear, 7 Up Ice Cola, Crystal Pepsi and Tab Clear.

Facts about Coke 8: the healthy risk

The risk of having chronic kidney disease is increased if you consume coke all of the time. The possible cause of the disease is the phosphoric acid. Find facts about chocolate milk here.

Facts about Coke

Facts about Coke

Facts about Coke 9: other healthy risks

The risk of having osteoporosis, weight gain and diabetes type 2 is increased because of coke consumption.

Facts about Coke 10: the amount of alcohol

Coke often contains a small amount of alcohol.  The alcohol occupies 0.5 percent of the total volume of the coke. That’s why it is called soft drink since the alcoholic beverages are included as hard drinks. Get facts about coffee here.



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