10 Facts about Cold Deserts

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Facts about Cold Deserts present the interesting facts about the deserts in Northern and Western China, Iran, Greenland, Antarctic, Nearctic area, and Turkestan. During the winter season, it has a large amount of snowfalls. Sometimes, the summer season also has snowfall.  Let’s find out other characteristics about cold deserts below:

Facts about Cold Deserts 1: the average of rainfall

The average of rainfalls in cold deserts is around 15 to 26 cm. It usually occurs primarily in April and May. Actually the rainfall and snowfall depends on the region of the cold deserts.

Facts about Cold Deserts 2: the average temperature

The mean average summer temperature of cold deserts usually is around 21 to 26 degree C. The mean average winter temperature is around -2 until 4 degree C.

Cold Desert

Cold Desert

Facts about Cold Deserts 3: the soil

Can you notice the unique type of soil in the cold deserts? It usually has the relatively porous soil with high amount of salt and silt.

Facts about Cold Deserts 4: deer

One of the animals that you can spot in the cold deserts is deer. They have the thick fur coat which can protect them from the cold season during the winter season. After shedding the thick coat, the deer will migrate during the summer season.

Cold Desert Pic

Cold Desert Pic

Facts about Cold Deserts 5: the plants

The plants that you can find in cold deserts include shadscale, grasses and camel’s thorn.

Facts about Cold Deserts 6: the ground cover

The Antarctica and Torgerson Island are often covered with ground cover like lichens.

Facts about Cold Deserts

Facts about Cold Deserts

Facts about Cold Deserts 7: the hot deserts

The hot deserts are very different from the cold deserts. They have more animals. You can spot coyote, kangaroo mice, kangaroo rats, badger, squirrels, and many more. During the cold season, they will hide inside burrows. Find facts about Black Sea here.

Facts about Cold Deserts 8: the coastal deserts

Some parts of Arctic, Neartic, Neotropical, South America and Central America are included in coastal deserts.

Cold Deserts

Cold Deserts

Facts about Cold Deserts 9: the increased temperature

The increased temperature on the cold deserts makes the water level also increase.

Facts about Cold Deserts 10: global warming

Global warming is one of the main causes of the increased temperature on the cold desert. It seems that the people have to concern more with the pollution, illegal logging and other environmental damages which can increase the water level. Get facts about Central Asia here.

Cold Deserts Facts

Cold Deserts Facts

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