10 Facts about Cold Environments

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Facts about Cold Environments tell you about the cold places in the world. One of them is located in the northernmost part of Earth. It is the arctic region.  Parts of United States, Canada, Greenland, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Norway are included in the arctic region. Even though the arctic region has the harsh environment and cold weather, the indigenous people can live here. Check other interesting facts about cold environment below:

Facts about Cold Environments 1: the name arctic

The word arctic is taken from Greek. In English, it means near the bear. Because of global warming, the region of Arctic has shrunk. The coldest temperature in the region is -90 degree F or -68 degree C. The warmest month of arctic usually occurs in July. It has the average temperature at 50 degree F or 10 degree C.

Facts about Cold Environments 2: the small shrubs

The warmer areas of Arctic region have various plants such as lichens, mosses, herbs and small shrubs.

Facts about Cold Environments

Facts about Cold Environments

Facts about Cold Environments 3: the animals

The animals that you can find living in the arctic are wolverines, polar bears, seals, walrus, birds and squirrels.

Facts about Cold Environments 4: North Pole

Do you know that North Pole is located in the arctic region?

Cold Environments

Cold Environments

Facts about Cold Environments 5: the natural resources

Arctic region is very important for the people since it contains various natural resources like minerals, gas, oil and fish.

Facts about Cold Environments 6: the ocean

Arctic region actually is a vast ocean. The surface is covered with ice. The exterior of the ice has been reduced from time to time because of the environmental impact. Check facts about climate change here.

Cold Environment

Cold Environment

Facts about Cold Environments 7: Antarctica

The southernmost continent of Earth is Antarctica. The Southern Ocean surrounds Antarctica. Talking about the size, Antarctica is larger than Europe.

Facts about Cold Environments 8: the ice in Antarctica

The thickness of ice in Antarctica is around 1 mile or 1.6 km. Antarctica is a cold desert for it receives a little rain.

Cold Environment Pictures

Cold Environment Pictures

Facts about Cold Environments 9: the coldest temperature in Antarctica

The coldest temperature ever recorded was at Vostok Station in Antarctica in 1983. It was at -128.6 degree F or -89.2 degree C. Get facts about global warming here.

Facts about Cold Environments 10: the residents of Antarctica

There are a lot of research facilities that you can find Antarctica. Thousands of people work here. But they are not the permanent residents.

Cold Environment Image

Cold Environment Image

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