10 Facts about Cold War

Tuesday, February 9th 2016. | History

If you want to know the long period of tension between the communist countries located in Eastern Europe and democratic countries of Western World, read Facts about Cold War. The Soviet Union was the leader of Eastern Europe. United States was the leader of Western World. Both of them were known as the super powerful countries in the world. Let’s find out other interesting facts about cold war below:

Facts about Cold War 1: the non official war

Both United States and Soviet Union never declared the war. However, the tension of both countries was very high. Both often engaged in space race, arm race and proxy war.

Facts about Cold War 2: the beginning of the Cold War

The Second World War ended in 1945 and the Cold War was started. At first, Soviet Union was a part of Allied Powers during the World War 2. The Cold War occurred because of the Soviet Union had dispute with the other members in the Allies.

Cold War Facts

Cold War Facts

Facts about Cold War 3: the concern of the Allies

The spread of communism and cruel leadership of Joseph Stalin became the main concerns of the Allies.

Facts about Cold War 4: the end of Cold War

In 1991, the Cold War ended because of Soviet Union collapsed.

Facts about Cold War

Facts about Cold War

Facts about Cold War 5: the proxy war

There was a proxy war between Soviet Union and United States of America. Both were considered as the countries with super powers. The wars conducted by other countries were supported by each side of superpower. The proxy wars included Yom Kippur War, Vietnam War, and Korean War.

Facts about Cold War 6: the space race and arm race

The arm race was seen on the country which had the most nuclear bombs and best weapons. Both sides tried to display their technology and power.

Cold War Image

Cold War Image

Facts about Cold War 7: the Space Race

The Space Race was conducted between both sides. They tried to achieve the increased technology about the space.

Facts about Cold War 8: Berlin

Berlin and Germany were divided in various sections for France, Great Britain, United States, and Soviet Union. There were four occupations in Germany after the Second World War. Find facts about English civil war here.

Cold War Picture

Cold War Picture

Facts about Cold War 9: the beginning of Cold War

The beginning of Cold War was marked on the speech with the title of Iron Curtain by Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Facts about Cold War 10: the airlift supplies

Since the Soviet Union blocked Berlin, the basic necessities of the Germans were supplied by the airlift. Find facts about cold harbor here.

Cold War

Cold War

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