10 Facts about Colic

Tuesday, February 9th 2016. | Health

The infantile colic is explained on Facts about Colic. This condition often occurs on the baby or a child at the age of two weeks to four months. Colic is defined with an episode of crying which lasts more than three hours in a day. It usually occurs three days in a week. There is not exact report of the cause of colic. But it is often associated with breastfeeding failure, relationship stress, shaken baby syndrome, postpartum depression and excess visit to doctor. Let’s find other interesting facts about colic below:

Facts about Colic 1: the presence of colic in infants

The report finds out that 5 to 25 percent of infants experience baby colic. The treatment for this condition is mostly conservative.

Facts about Colic 2: the period of colic

Colic is often experienced by infants. It can last for three to four months. But in some cases, it can last for a year.

Colic Baby

Colic Baby

Facts about Colic 3: how to calm the baby

There are several ways that you can use to calm the baby. You can hold the baby, swaddle with the legs flexed, use pacifier, breastfeed the baby or swing the baby back and forth.

Facts about Colic 4: the medication

It is better for the parents not use any medication on the baby. There is no safe and effective medication which can treat baby colic. Dicyclomine can treat colic, but it is not safe.

Colic Image

Colic Image

Facts about Colic 5: the occurrence of colic

Many experts believe that all babies experience colic. But the condition of colic is different from one baby to another baby.

Facts about Colic 6: the symptoms

Can you mention some symptoms of colic?  The babies usually pass gas and clench their fists. When the babies are crying, they swallow too much air. It makes the baby pass gas.

Colic Facts

Colic Facts

Facts about Colic 7: the evening hours

During the evening hours, the parents may experience the worsened colicky babies. The peak of this condition may occur 6 to 8 week after the baby was born.

Facts about Colic 8: the end of colic

More than 90 percent of colic cases end when the babies are 9 months old. More than 50 percent of the colic cases end when the babies are three months old. Find facts about babies here.

Colic Pic

Colic Pic

Facts about Colic 9: health

It is wrong to say that a colicky baby is not healthy. It has nothing to do with health. Find facts about child development here.

Facts about Colic 10: medical problems

The excess crying of babies can be associated with medical problems such as intestinal obstruction, food allergy or even hernia.

Facts about Colic

Facts about Colic

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