10 Facts about Colin McPhee

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Facts about Colin McPhee inform you with the famous musicologist and composer from Canada. He was born on 15th March 1900 and died on 7 January 1964. The major work of McPhee was related to his study on an ethnomusicological study of Bali. He was the first Western composer who did it. Colin also created music influenced by Java and Bali music. Check other interesting facts about Colin McPhee below:

Facts about Colin McPhee 1: the early life of McPhee

The place of birth of Colin was in Montreal. In 1918, he studied in Peabody Institute. He studied piano with Harold Randolph and composition with Gustav Strube.

Facts about Colin McPhee 2: marriage

In 1913, he and Jane Belo married. She was a disciple of Margaret Mead. Before his marriage, he studied with Edgard Varese. He was an avant-garde composer.

Colin McPhee and Britten

Colin McPhee and Britten

Facts about Colin McPhee 3: the ultra modernists

Colin was included in the ultra modernist composers. Other prominent figures in the group include John Becker and Henry Cowell. Then people recognized it as world music.

Facts about Colin McPhee 4: the Balinese music

When he was in New York City, he listened to a record of Balinese music. It was the first encounter of Colin with Balinese Music.

Colin McPhee Composer

Colin McPhee Composer

Facts about Colin McPhee 5: moving to Bali

Due to the anthropological work, Colin and Belo had to move to Bali. He was so interested with Balinese music. He learned a lot about Gamelans.

Facts about Colin McPhee 6: divorce

In 1939, he and Belo divorced. Do you know that Colin was gay? Then he lived in brownstone in Brooklyn in the beginning of 1940s. He shared the place of living with Benjamin Britten and W.H. Auden.

Colin McPhee Music

Colin McPhee Music

Facts about Colin McPhee 7: the arrangement

McPhee created an arrangement on a Theme of Frank Bridge based on Britten’s Variation. This arrangement would be used in ballet jinx of Lew Christensen. He also introduced Balinese music to Britten.

Facts about Colin McPhee 8: alcohol

Colin was depressed because of alcohol in a certain period of time. In 1950s, he started to write music again. Find Cliff Richard facts here.

Colin McPhee

Colin McPhee

Facts about Colin McPhee 9: a professor

In 1958, McPhee was professor of ethnomusicology at UCLA. The people also recognized him as a notable jazz critic.

Facts about Colin McPhee 10: the life of McPhee

The life of McPhee was made into an opera by Evan Ziporyn, an American composer. The title of the opera was A House in Bali. The premier of the opera was held at Puri Saraswati in Ubud Bali on 26 and 27 June 2009. Check Cody Simpson facts here.

facts about Colin McPhee

facts about Colin McPhee

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