10 Facts about Colin Powell

Wednesday, February 10th 2016. | Politics

Facts about Colin Powell tell you about the military leader and Secretary of State. He was born in Harlem, New York on 5th April 1937. The nickname of Powell was the reluctant warrior. People recognized him as the first African-American Secretary of States. His full name was Colin Luther Powell. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Powell below:

Facts about Colin Powell 1: parents of Powell

The parents of Powell were Luther and Maud Powel. Both of them were from Jamaica and migrated to United States.

Facts about Colin Powell 2: living in South Bronx

The family decided to relocate to South Bronx when Powell was very young. South Bronx was a neighborhood in New York City.

Colin Powell Facts

Colin Powell Facts

Facts about Colin Powell 3: the hardworking parents

Both parents of Powell were hardworking. Both focused on providing the children with the best education. Moreover, they were loving parents. Colin often followed Marylyn, his older sister when he grew up.

Facts about Colin Powell 4: the school time

In most of his classes, Powell often had C grades in his high school. He was considered as an average student.

Facts about Colin Powell

Facts about Colin Powell

Facts about Colin Powell 5: extra money

To get extra money for helping the family, Powell worked in a furniture store in the afternoon.

Facts about Colin Powell 6: the higher education

Colin Powell was enrolled to City College of New York after he graduated from high school. He chose geology as his major. He studied the composition of earth. He was also a member of Reserve Officers Training Corps while he was in the college.  In ROTC, he was trained to become an officer. Since he was interested with army, he decided to become a soldier.

Colin Powell Pic

Colin Powell Pic

Facts about Colin Powell 7: joining the military

Powell became the second lieutenant after he joined the army. His first job was at Fort Benning in Georgia. He had to attend the basic training there.

Facts about Colin Powell 8: the segregation

Powell realized the presence of racial segregation between black and white people when he was in Georgia. At that, he knew that white and black people had different bathrooms, restaurants, and schools. Since Powell grew in New York City, he was shocked with this condition. Since there was not segregation in the army, he just wanted to do his job there. Find facts about Chester A Arthur here.

Colin Powell Military

Colin Powell Military

Facts about Colin Powell 9: marriage

Powell married to Alma Vivian Johnson in 1962. Both were blessed with three kids.

Facts about Colin Powell 10: higher education

Powell had his MBA by attending George Washington University after he served in the Vietnam War. In 1972, he was in the white house and met many powerful people in the world. Get facts about Chris Christie here.

Colin Powell Image

Colin Powell Image

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