10 Facts about Colin Thiele

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Facts about Colin Thiele inform you with the famous Australian educator and writer. He was born on 16 November 1920 in Eudunda in South Australia and died on 4 September 2006. Some of Thiele’s works include February Dragon, the Sun on the Stubble series, Blue Fin and Storm Boy. Let’s find other interesting facts about Colin Thiele below:

Facts about Colin Thiele 1: the family

Colin Thiele was from a Barossa German family. Before he was enrolled in Julia Creek, Thiele only spoke German.

Facts about Colin Thiele 2: the educations

Thiele went to various schools in Australia. For his higher education, he went to University of Adelaide. In 1941, he graduated from the university. Then he became a teacher in colleges and high schools.

Colin Thiele Pic

Colin Thiele Pic

Facts about Colin Thiele 3: joining army

In December 1940, Thiele was enrolled in Australian Army. He became a private in the 18th Light Horse. In July 1942, he was in RAAF or Royal Australian Air Force. He was in Higgins as a corporal.

Facts about Colin Thiele 4: the rural life

Most books of Thiele depicted the rural life of Australia. He had written over 100 books. Some of the regions described in his books include Murray River/Coorong, Barossa Valley and Eudunda regions.

Colin Thiele Image

Colin Thiele Image

Facts about Colin Thiele 5: the TV or movie adaptation

There are several books of Thiele adapted into movies and TV series. Those are Storm Boy, Blue Fin, The Fire in the Stone and Sun on the Stubble. Find facts about Chinua Acebe here.

Facts about Colin Thiele 6: the contribution of literature and education

Thiele contributed to the field of education and literature. Therefore, he was a recipient of the second highest level of the order. He earned a Companion of the Order of Australia in 1977.

Colin Thiele Facts

Colin Thiele Facts

Facts about Colin Thiele 7: arthritis

Since 1955, the severe arthritis made him suffered. He decided to live in warmer area near Dyaboro, Queensland in his later years and left South Australia.

Facts about Colin Thiele 8: reunion

Cheryal Wittwer organized a reunion for Colin Thiele in 1986 in South Australia. After the reunion, he moved back to Queensland.

Colin Thiele Author

Colin Thiele Author

Facts about Colin Thiele 9: death

Thiele died when he was 85 years old because of heart failure on September 4th, 2006. Find facts about Charlie Higson here.

Facts about Colin Thiele 10: the media coverage

The death of Thiele only earned minimal media coverage. The media covered more the death of Steve Irwin, an Australian media personality. He died in the same day.

Facts about Colin Thiele

Facts about Colin Thiele

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