10 Facts about Colin Thompson

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Let’s find out the interesting information about the English Australian illustrator and writer on Facts about Colin Thompson. He was born on 18th October 1942. There are various children books that Thompson makes.  He creates pictures for jigsaw puzzles. He also has around 70 published works. Check other amazing facts about the writer below:

Facts about Colin Thompson 1: How to Live Forever

How To Live Forever is one of the famous novels of Thompson. Thompson received the Aurealis Award in 2004 because of this long fiction children book.

Facts about Colin Thompson 2: the birth name

Colin Thompson was born on October 18th, 1942 in Ealing. It is a district located in West London in UK. His birth name was Colin Edward Willment.  In 1953, her mother remarried and changed his last name into Thompson. When he was 19 years, he met his father once.

Colin Thompson Art

Colin Thompson Art

Facts about Colin Thompson 3: the education

Let’s find the education of Thompson. He was enrolled to a boarding school in Yorkshire. Then he pursued education by studying in West London at a grammar school. Then he was enrolled at a college in Ealing and Hammersmith for two years. He and his first wife met here.

Facts about Colin Thompson 4: the early jobs

Thompson had his early jobs as a graphic designer and a silk screen printer. Then he worked for BBC documentaries after he was enrolled at London Film School.

Colin Thompson Facts

Colin Thompson Facts

Facts about Colin Thompson 5: the second married

He married again after he divorced the first wife. In 1968, he lived in Majorca for a short time. Then he decided to relocate to Outer Hebrides.

Facts about Colin Thompson 6: business

Thompson and his wife were interested to set up business. Both decided to open up a business as a ceramicist. In 1975, both relocated to Cumbria where they still kept the profession as a ceramicist.

Colin Thompson Image

Colin Thompson Image

Facts about Colin Thompson 7: an Australian citizenship

Thompson earned a citizenship from Australia after he moved here in 1995. Talking about his family life, He had two kids from the second marriage, while one daughter was from the first marriage. Get facts about Chris Crutcher here.

Facts about Colin Thompson 8: another marriage

Thompson married again in 1999. Her wife was an Australian librarian, Anne.

Colin Thompson Pictures

Colin Thompson Pictures

Facts about Colin Thompson 9: the writing career

The writing career of Thompson began lately in his life. In 1991, the first picture book of Thompson was published.

Facts about Colin Thompson 10: the picture books

Some of his picture books are Falling Angels (2001), Attila the Bluebottle and More Wild Stories (1995), The Paper Bag Prince (1992), Castle Twilight and Other Stories (1997), and Sid the Mosquito and Other Wild Stories (1993). Get facts about Christopher Paolini here.

Facts about Colin Thompson

Facts about Colin Thompson

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