10 Facts about Collagen

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Let’s find the interesting information about the primary structural protein on Facts about Collagen. The location is in the extracellular space. It can be found on the body of human being and animals. The amount of collagen is abundant. It accounts 25 to 35 percent in protein of the body. Collagen can be found in the skin, ligaments, and tendons. Here are some interesting facts about collagen:

Facts about Collagen 1: what is collagen?

Can you describe collagen? It is considered as the major fibrous protein in the body of human being. Therefore, the fibrous tissues contain a lot of collagen.  It can be found in the skin, ligaments and tendons. You can also find it in the dentin of the teeth, blood vessels, bones, cartilages, corneas, and gut. The word collagen is taken from Greek. The meaning is glue producing.

Facts about Collagen 2: collagen in the muscle tissues

Collagen is considered as the main element in endomysium. It occupies around 6 percent of the weight of tendious muscles and 1 percent of muscle tissues.

Facts about Collagen

Facts about Collagen

Facts about Collagen 3: the creation of collagen

Collagen is created because of the presence of fibroblast. It is considered as the most common cell which makes collagen in the human body.

Facts about Collagen 4: the strength

Collagen is very strong since it has great tensile. It functions differently with other types of protein that human body generates.

Collagen Structure

Collagen Structure

Facts about Collagen 5: the functions of collagen

There are various functions of collagen. It can be used to develop tissues and strengthen the blood vessel. It also makes the skin smooth and firm.

Facts about Collagen 6: the production of collagen

When you begin to age, the production of collagen in the body is reduced. The skin becomes thinner and you can find wrinkles on the skin. Thus, the people have higher risk of being attacked by disease due to the weaker body. The bone mass is also decreased.

Collagen Pic

Collagen Pic

Facts about Collagen 7: the increased level of collagen

The increased production of collagen in the body gives positive impact since the skin is firm and smooth. You can also have healthy nails and thick hair. Get facts about chromosomes here.

Facts about Collagen 8: gelatin

Gelatin is a type of collagen. It is mostly used in the food and industry.

Collagen Image

Collagen Image

Facts about Collagen 9: the uses of collagen

There are various uses of collagen in the medical industries. You can use it to treat the skin and bone complication. Get facts about color blindness here.

Facts about Collagen 10: the types of collagen

There are 28 types of collagen which have been explained and described by the experts. Most collagens which occur on the human body are Type 1.

Collagen Facts

Collagen Facts

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