10 Facts about College

Friday, February 12th 2016. | Education

Let me show you some interesting Facts about College. If you think that college is similar with university, you are wrong. College is often referred to the Trade College or junior college in countries in Canada. But there is only little difference on university and college in United States of America. A university has larger scopes. It usually contains several colleges and focus more on the researches. Here are some interesting facts about college to note:

Facts about College 1: the worst paying majors

The colleges offer the students with various majors.  Elementary Education, Theology, Social Work, Drama, Hospitality/Tourism, Fine Arts, Horticulture, Education, Music, and Spanish are some of the worst paying majors in the colleges.

Facts about College 2: the best paying majors

Physics, Economics, and Engineering are some of the best paying majors in colleges.

College Image

College Image

Facts about College 3: the term college

The term college was derived from the Latin word collegium. The meaning is guild, society, community. In the end of 14th century, this term was used for the first time to call an academic institution.

Facts about College 4: the youngest self made billionaire

Do you know the youngest self made billionaire in the world? He is Mark Zuckerberg. He is known as the founder of Facebook. Do you know that he was a college dropout student?

College Facts

College Facts

Facts about College 5: other notable college dropout students

Can you mention other college dropout students? Those include James Cameron, Ben Affleck, Woody Allen, Reggie Jackson, Steve Jobs, Dan Ackroyd, Kate Beckinsale, and Hans Christian Anderson.

Facts about College 6: Harvard

Harvard is one of the famous universities in the world. The name of this education institution is taken from Reverent Mr. John Harvard.

Facts about College

Facts about College

Facts about College 7: the freshman class in Yale

There are around 20,000 applications received by Yale every year. But this university only receives around 1,300 students. Get facts about Cambridge here.

Facts about College 8: Lincoln University in Oxford

The students who have the Body Mass Index of 30 or more should follow a physical education class before they graduate from Lincoln University in Oxford, Pennsylvania.

College Pic

College Pic

Facts about College 9: the first degree for women

In 1841, the first degrees were given to women in Oberlin College. In 1862, this college also gave the first degree for an African American woman. Get facts about Clemson University here.

Facts about College 10: African-American students

On 29 April 1854, Ashmun Institute was established. It was considered as the first college for African American students.



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