10 Facts about Collies

Friday, February 12th 2016. | Animals

Facts about Collies talk about a type of herding dog. The dog was native to Northern England and Scotland. Now you can find the dog in many countries in the world. They can be found mostly in North America and Australia.  It has pointed snout and medium sized body. Some collies have unique white pattern located at the shoulder. Here are other interesting facts about collies to note:

Facts about Collies 1: the characteristics of collies

Collies are active and agile. There is no need to wonder that collies are often used as the herding dogs. The people use them to hold the sheep, cattle and other livestock.

Facts about Collies 2: the uses of collies

The people mostly use collies as working dogs. But others use collies as sport dogs, show dogs and pets. They are easy to train. They have good stamina and agility.



Facts about Collies 3: the breed

In many rural areas of Great Britain, people recognize the dog as Border collie. In United States, it is called Rough Collie.

Facts about Collies 4: the weight of collies

As I have stated before, collies have the medium sized body. The weight is around 48 to 70 lb or 22 to 32 kg. The bones of collies are light to medium.

facts about Collies

facts about Collies

Facts about Collies 5: the herding collies

If you look at the body of herding collies, they have stocky appearance. The tail probably is feathered, smooth or bushy. The fur can be long, flat or even short.

Facts about Collies 6: the color of collies

The color of collies is varied. You can find collies in red and tan, black and tan, black, sable or even red.  Under the belly, chest, legs, part of face and over the shoulders usually features the white color.



Facts about Collies 7: the patterns

The common patterns of collies the black sable, black and white and sable. It also comes in tricolors which consist of black and white and tan. Get facts about American bulldogs here.

Facts about Collies 8: as a pet

If you are interested to have collies as a pet at home, make sure that you have an active family life style.

Collies Image

Collies Image

Facts about Collies 9: Border collie

Border collie has a great agility and stamina.  They will not tire even though they run all day long. Get facts about cats and dogs here.

Facts about Collies 10: pet and show dogs

The types of collies kept by the people as show dogs and pets include Shetland Sheepdogs, Smooth Collies and Rough Collies.

Collies facts

Collies facts

Are you impressed after reading facts about collies?

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