10 Facts about Collobrieres

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Find out a beautiful commune in Var Department in France on Facts about Collobrieres. Collobrieres is included as a part of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. It is one of the favorite places to visit in France for it has various attractions. One of them is the festival of chestnut.  Here are other interesting facts about Collobrieres to note:

Facts about Collobrieres 1: the mayor

Christine Amrane was the mayor of Collobrieres from 2001 until 2008.

Facts about Collobrieres 2: the elevation

Can you guess the elevation of Collobrieres? It sits on the elevation at 190-2,546 feet or 58-776 meter. On average, Collobrieres is at the elevation of 430 feet or 131 meter.

Collobrieres Image

Collobrieres Image

Facts about Collobrieres 3: the area of Collobrieres

Collobrieres spans on the area at 43.51 square miles or 112.68 km square.

Facts about Collobrieres 4: the population

Collobrieres was inhabited by around 1,788 residents based on the report in 2006. The population density in the commune was 41 per square miles or 16 per km square.

Collobrieres Pic

Collobrieres Pic

Facts about Collobrieres 5: the location of Collobrieres from Toulon

If you are in Toulon and you are interested to visit Collobrieres, you can reach it easily for it is just situated around 33 kilometer from department capital, Toulon. It is at south east of France. If you are in Paris, Collobrieres is located around 695 kilometers.

Facts about Collobrieres 6: the popular places to visit

There are various popular places to visit near Collobrieres. You can go to Hyeres. It is located 19 km from Collobrieres.  Or you can visit Grimaud located around 18 km from Collobrieres.



Facts about Collobrieres 7: the local markets near Collobrieres

There are various local markets that you can visit near Collobrieres. You can go to Bormes-les-Mimosas market located around 10 km from Collobrieres. It is opened on Wednesday and Saturday.  You can also visit Gonfaron market on Thursday. Other markets to visit near Collobrieres are Le Luc, Bormes-les-Mimosas, Le Lavandou, Cavalaire-sur-Mer, Cogolin and Pierrefeu-du-Var. Check facts about Central Park here.

Facts about Collobrieres 8: how to reach Collobrieres

If you are interested to reach Collobrieres, what you have to do is flying into the airports located in Toulon or Nice. Then you need to drive for at least 11 hours to reach Collobrieres.

Facts about Collobrieres

Facts about Collobrieres

Facts about Collobrieres 9: the chestnut capital of the world

The name chestnut capital of the world is awarded for Var in Provence. There is no need to wonder that Collobrieres produces high amount of chestnut.

Facts about Collobrieres 10: the export

The edible chestnut is considered as the primary export in Collobrieres.  People can make ice cream from chestnut. Get facts about Cheam here.

Collobrieres France

Collobrieres France

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