10 Facts about Colombia

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Facts about Colombia present the interesting information about the country located in the northwest of South America. There were various indigenous people such as Tairona, Quimbaya and Muisca who lived in the present day Colombia. In 1499, the Spanish people arrived in Colombia. Check other facts about Colombia below:

Facts about Colombia 1: the diverse country

Colombia is considered as a diverse country because it is occupied by numerous people with different background. You can find the European, indigenous, African or even Middle East people.

Facts about Colombia 2: the geography

The geography is varied.  The highlands of the Andes Mountains feature the urban centers. The areas of Colombia also include the Pacific coastline, Caribbean coastline, tropical grassland and Amazon rainforest.

Colombia Image

Colombia Image

Facts about Colombia 3: the economy in Colombia

Colombia takes the fourth place as the largest economy in Latin America. It has a middle power in economy. In the past, Colombia focused on the agrarian economy. Only 17 percent of the people engaged in agriculture by the end of 20th century.

Facts about Colombia 4: natural resources

There are many natural resources that Colombia has.  The major exports of the country include pulp and paper, vegetable oils, fuels, forest products, fish products, meat, cotton, coffee, precious stones, oils, plastics, animal fibers and many more.

Colombia facts

Colombia facts

Facts about Colombia 5: the population

In Latin America, Colombia is ranked as the third most populous country. In 2015, Colombia was inhabited by 48 million people. There were only four million people who lived in Colombia at the beginning of 20th century. Find Canada facts here.

Facts about Colombia 6: the modern culture

The modern culture of Colombia is influenced by native American, African, Spanish, Caribbean, Latin America, American, and Middle Eastern culture.

Facts about Colombia

Facts about Colombia

Facts about Colombia 7: the cuisine

The numerous flora and fauna in Colombia affect the types of Colombian cuisine.  The type of cuisine in the country is varied based on the regions.

Facts about Colombia 8: the common ingredients of Colombian cuisine

The seafood, potato, rice, maize, chicken, beef goat, and cassava are considered as the common ingredients. Get China facts here.



Facts about Colombia 9: the tropical fruits

There are various tropical fruits used in Colombian cuisines. Those include passionfruit, soursop, lulo, dragon fruit, papaya, mora, guava, mangostino, and cape gooseberry.

Facts about Colombia 10: the national sport

The national sport of Colombia is Tejo. The most popular one is football.

Colombia Travel

Colombia Travel

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