10 Facts about Colon Cancer

Tuesday, February 2nd 2016. | Medical

Let’s find Facts about Colon Cancer in the following post below. Color cancer is also called colorectal cancer. Actually this cancer is preventable if you can change the bad lifestyle. You have to eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grain. The consumption of red meat should be decreased if you want to decrease the risk of having color cancer. Get other facts about colon cancer below:

Facts about Colon Cancer 1: the physical exercise

The physical exercise should be conducted regularly if you want to decrease the risk of having color cancer and other types of cancer.

Facts about Colon Cancer 2: the higher mortality

The higher mortality of colon cancer is always associated with the people who sit regularly for a long period of time.

Colon Cancer facts

Colon Cancer facts

Facts about Colon Cancer 3: how to reduce the risk

You can reduce the risk of having color cancer by taking aspirin and celecoxib. Both are recommended for the people who have high risk. If you are only at average risk, both are not recommended.

Facts about Colon Cancer 4: screening

You can do screening if you want to know whether you have color cancer or not. Screening is very important for early detection of color cancer. The death of colon cancer can be reduced around 60 percent by earlier screening.

Facts about Colon Cancer

Facts about Colon Cancer

Facts about Colon Cancer 5: the polyps

When there is a polyp, it will be eliminated by using colonoscopy. Thus, the polyp will never turn into a cancerous polyp.

Facts about Colon Cancer 6: the types of the screening test

There are four types of screening tests for colon cancer. Those are colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, fecal occult blood testing, and multitarget stool DNA screening test.

Colon Cancer Picture

Colon Cancer Picture

Facts about Colon Cancer 7: the national screening program

The countries which provide the national colorectal screening program are the Netherlands, Australia and United Kingdom. Find facts about chronic disease here.

Facts about Colon Cancer 8: the treatment

There are several factors which determine the treatment for colon cancer. It can be decided based on the stage of tumor, patient’s preference, health and many more.

Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer

Facts about Colon Cancer 9: the surgery

The surgery is considered as the curative decision when the cancer is found at early stage. Get facts about coeliac disease here.

Facts about Colon Cancer 10: the bowel disease

The bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis increase the risk of having color cancer. The report states that after 10 years, 2 percent of patients with Crohn disease develop colon cancer.

Colon Cancer Image

Colon Cancer Image

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